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"Normal" ways of obtaining Ezekiel bread?

The city I’m currently living in is relatively hick-ish; the town is basically structured on car dealerships and fast food joints. So, I have to travel outside the city to get to a Health Food store, to buy Ezekiel bread; this can be very inconvenient; spending an hours worth of traveling just to get some bread. Could I find this bread at any “normal” stores? Like Albertson’s, Safeway, Top Foods, Fred Myer? I know, I could just check all the stores, but I’d rather not waste my time if none of them carry the bread.


  • My one horse town only has a Kroger and it carries the bread in the frozen section.

    Why don’t you let your fingers do the walking and call the store near you…

    You are so lucky to have more than one store to shop… ;)

  • Why not make your own ‘bread’. If you scroll down my blog, you will see ‘toast’ in the spaghetti recipe.


  • ooh i’m glad you posted this…because i’m curious…is ezekiel bread raw? i’ve always wondered…

  • It’s not raw, but Natalia Rose + others recommend it as part of a transition diet because it is made entirely from sprouted grains, and therefore is far more digestible than regular bread.

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