Alternatives to Enemas during Juice Feast

Are there alternatives to enemas during a juice feast? I have a mental block and just can’t do them and they are the only thing preventing me from starting a juice feast.


  • How about a Salt Water Flush? I did it during a 10-day Master Cleanse and it wasn’t horrible, but neither was it fun.

  • Justine – I raw juice fast several times a year and just finished a 40 day raw juice fast.

    There are two schools of thought here. One obviously feels you need them. The other – I think, but not sure, school is the school of natural hygiene, which says “Let your body do its thing, and don’t interefere with it.”

    Try it out both ways – you will know if you feel you need it, and then I say splurge on a really good colonic therapist – if you do the more thorough colonic (once a week or every couple of days), you won’t have to mess about with the daily enemas.

    Good Luck!

  • Yes! Salt water flush, followed by psyllium seed husk with liquid bentonite (aka colon cleanser)... plus, all the details to do this the ‘right way’.

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