best form of Therapy?

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Hi all! I’m trying to look into the best form of psychotherapy. What are your opinions on hypnotherapy, biofeedback therapy, and EFT (emotional freedom technique), therapy using energy healing… or you fill in the blank?

I have never tried hypnotherapy although it seems widely recommended and proven. I have tried biofeedback and it was awesome, but it seems expensive and like theres not much scientific proof, or that you would get just as good results with a less expensive therapy. Well, it really worked profoundly on me but i guess i questioned a little when the biofeedback practitioner started to talk about all the money that was needed and all the extra products and herbs i would need to buy. EFT i have tried on myself with some good, although temporary, results, but i have never tried seeing a practitioner, which might yield better, more long lasting results?

what therapy works for you/ your friends? what are your opinions on/ experiences with these different types of therapies?


  • you mentioned “fill in the blank…. so here goes:

    vision life is an organization that deals with anything and everything when it comes to healing, wholeness and freedom in every aspect of life. It is very thorough. If need be, you will go back intensively through your whole life and even prior generations for roots of problems/issues to find the initial cause and loophole that has allowed any unhealthy thing in your life. These are then irradicated from your life. There are seminars and then personal sessions – the seminars are called “freedom and fullness”. I think the public seminars are like $50 for a weekend. and the one on one sessions are simply “love offerings” – basically, whatever you can afford. There are hundreds of people who have been helped by this. This is the most open, honest, non-judging group of people I’ve ever seen – because they’ve seen and experienced it all – really. It’s pretty amazing and significant the inner spiritual, emotional and physical healing that people have experienced through this. There are books on the website too – people usually read them prior to the seminars and sessions to get a good idea of what is going on. the website is

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