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hi i was wondering if anyone knows where to get raw chocalate in Vancouver BC?

Hello me and my mother decided to go raw about a month ago. Befor eating raw my mom would get very bad migrains she had them for 30 years and most of the time when she got a migrain it would be for 3 days every 2nd day and she would vomit lots. So she is very thin as is. With her being on raw she has no more headaches and no more vomiting. But she is losing even more weight dramaticly she is real scared. I am sure u know about the weight loss that goes with this. Do you know of what she can do to get some weight and muscle tone and fat while still being a raw foodist? she is concerned cause she is loseing weight to fast and she was never over weight to begin with she is skin and bone litterly the quandry is to eat cooked food and get the bad headache for a chance to gain weight or stay raw and waste away… is there anyone that can help her, that knows what to do?

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  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Get her to eat a lot of avocado, coconut, and nuts. I’d avoid cacao if there’s a history of migranes as it can trigger them in some people. Make your own chocolate (this site is full of yummy recipes and you can order the cacao online). Good luck :)

  • Hmmm, if she can, she needs to increase her caloric intake to about 3000 calories a day and she can make it easier to consume by eating 6 to 8 smaller meals a day (about 500 calories per meal) and include many arrays of food including not only vegetables, fruits and nuts but also unprocessed fats like udo’s oil, olive oil, coconut oil as well as sprouted grain dishes. You can include ancient grains like amaranth, quinoa and such, they have so many wonderful proteins and acids. She should not be in danger of wasting away if she is consuming enough food. If she is eating enough and still losing weight, then consulting a physician is not a bad idea. Hope this helps.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Most people buy their raw cacao online. There are tons of websites selling it, just do a google and you’ll find lots.

    You tend to lose a lot of weight when you first go raw because toxins are stored in fat – even if you dont have much of it, after a few months most people even out and put a bit back on.

    I lost a lot when I started and now I have levelled out at a healthy size/weight. She sould eat a lot aswell. It really is OK to pig out on raw foods. Most of the raw foods (not dehydrated food) are 70-90% water so we need to eat a lot! Bigger sized meals and maybe more often than what she was eating when SAD.

    Again the longer you go the less you tend to eat – without losing weight. Things go weird the first few months, just hang on in there and make it pleasurable!

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