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I am new to the concept of RAW. My naturpoath introduced me to it about 1 1/2 yrs ago, but never got into it because it didn’t fit our lifestyle. Since then, I have been researching and the idea of going at leat 80% really sets well with me. I have a few problems though, and need your opinions/advice. I know for a fact that I am a protein type, meaning I need high fat and protein or I blow up like a balloon in weight/water, plus I get tons of cravings, and over eat, I assume due to the lack of proper nutriton. How does one with this body type work out a raw lifeststyle? Also, I am b’feeding my 6mo. old, how can I transition nicely so she doesn’t suffer? I eat about 50% raw now, but love my meats! (insert big sheepish grin) I also have been diagnosed recently with multiple food sensativities, Leaky Gut, Adrenal Fatigue, Estrogen Dominance, and Hypothyroid (due to the other endocrine imbalances). I am also really wanting to lose about 15 lbs, but nothing works like super low carb, high protein. So, after all that….. HELP! My husband thinks I am kooky for all the different “diets” or lifestyle changes I try to bring about, but after a nice long talk, he is supportive of my changes for health. I am also in the beginning of getting a B.S. in Holistic Nutrition, but just the beginning. My kids are used to me trying to bring about new recipes, and do quite well, but really would love the trational SAD if allowed it. They aren’t that far from it truthfully. I would really like to make this work, but just don’t know how to. Any thoughts, advice would be totally appreciated. Thanks so much!


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi there, nice to meet you and welcome to Gone Raw!

    Personally, I’d advise going vegan to help your health problems. If you crave meat then it is probably due to not getting enough minerals in your diet, try taking greens in smoothies, green juice etc to help you get over the meat thing.It really is not good for your health.

    When you go fully raw, your body will change and your ailments will go and your ‘body type’ will change. Your problems and irregularities are down to your diet being cooked and not vegan, once this changes everything will be healed. What and who you are on a SAD diet is incomparable to who and what you become once fully raw.Most people find food allergies and intolerances go when on raw vegan. Give yourself at least 3 weeks 100% so you can just see what it is like.

    Re-breastfeeding and detoxing there was a discussion about this on another thread a whille ago,might be worthwhille to do a search on the forums to find it. For inspiration, check out Jinjee at on her fifth raw pregnancy and looking amazing!

  • Thanks for the help. I did the search earlier and found the thread on b’feeding. It made sense, mostly. I am traveling to the states on holiday for 4 weeks (we live in asia now) and leave next tues. So, I will not be able to go 100% raw now. What do you suggest are the biggest changes I could make right now, that I could sustain through international travel and living in other people’s houses for 1 mo.? I have a juicer and like green juices, but am not familiar with many of the asian greens, so my juices are limited. Also, won’t have access to a juicer while away. My mother is a huge carnivore (atkins), so at her house for 2 weeks will be quite difficult. I know this is the least of my concerns right now, but what changes can I make right now, that would help me lose a bit of weight? Truly, the health aspects are most important, but I know when I lose the excess I feel healthier, better, not so bogged down!

    I am also concerned that I won’t be getting enough nutrients, because I am so new to this. If I don’t expand in my foods, I may miss out on things, how can I trust that I will get all the right nutrients for me and my little nursling? Thanks again for your help!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Well, when you cook your food almost all the nutrients are destroyed, so if you eat anything raw you will be giving your body the nutrients it needs. The only way to give your body the nutrients it needs to be healthy is by eating raw vegan foods. Instead of worrying about not getting enough nutrients, you should be patting yourself on the back for providing your body with complete viatmins and minerals maybe for the first time ever!

    Do the best you can until you are more settled back at home. Check out they have a section on raw restraunts in the USA there might be one near where you are going. Or ask the people on this forum if there is any rawness where you will be going.You never know…

    If you keep reading up about it and educating yourself while you’re gone, that would be good because mental preparation is very very helpful. And if that is all you can do until you get back home, then so be it, at least you are doing something! Then when you return in a month’s time you will be super well inspired and armed with tons of knowledge what better way to start your transition than that? Maybe just transition to vegan or at least vegetarian over the next month, and go raw once you are back home.

  • Hi there Splunky, You wrote, “I get tons of cravings, and over eat.” From my experience I think tackling those issues that cause overeating first is useful….then transition to a raw diet. Those old habits of overeating and cravings will just change form in a raw diet, but they will be there all the same. IE you crave cookies, you swap it out with raw cookies. Although the raw cookie is better for you, it still should be consumed in moderation. If any of this is useful to you, good! If not, chuck it:) I wish you the best in your healthy journey!

  • Alot of good points made, and so much to think about. Thanks. I bought this book a while back that my Naturopath recommended, by Natalia Rose, and it mentions going “raw till dinner”. I think this is the path I will take for now, and see how it goes. It might be alot easier to handle while at peoples house over the next month. RE; the food and emotional issues, Mo, you are right on. I need to deal with those issues as well, and it won’t go away just because I “go raw”. I will probly just over eat on raw cookies or whatever it is I want at the time. This too I will work on while I am away. Again, thanks so much. I know this is the beginni9ng to feeling so much netter!

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