I am still debating about buying this book. I tried the mango cheesecake (thank you again waterbaby12347) and I LOVED it. But are all of the recipes as delicious as the mango cheesecake?

Has anyone tried the mac-n-cheese, white choc. cake, or “steak” recipes???? I wish I could look inside, but my local bookstore no longer carries it. I guess I have to get it off amazon if I choose to buy it.

Any input would be GREAT!!! Thanks!


  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    Okay, let me tell you about this book… first of all, Bryan Au is great! The premise of this book is to make raw food dishes with 5 ingredients and to keep it below $10. He does just that. I absolutely love his Mock Tuna recipe! I make that with Matt Amsden’s Onion Bread. I also really like the Mango Cheesecake. I love the Taco’s – i never made them Taco’s, but i use the same prep and make it into a Salad. I like how he uses Miso instead of Nama Shoyu or Braggs. I also like how he keeps it simple. I like his Hawaiian Kebab’s too. I made his pancakes this past Sunday and they were actually really good! I’ve made the fettucine alfredo and liked it and i also liked the angel hair pasta recipe. I did try the mac-n-cheese, but, i need to alter it some more since it calls for Turmeric and i dont really like that flavor. The Steak recipe is so simple. Its a tomato that’s cut thick like a steak and then smothered in Adzuki Bean Miso and a few other ingredients. Adzuki Beam Miso gives it a smokey flavor. If you chose to buy this book, go to his site and buy it – it’s cheaper and he’ll sign it. I like it alot, but it’s all personal preference – i use a lot of recipes from a lot of different sources, but this book does have a lot of my favorite versions :)

  • wow! When you say you like it your not kidding lol

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    There are a number of Bryan Au video clips on Youtube including a white chocolate pie (can’t remember exactly) that I tried once and it was amazing (come to think of it, gotta make it again! He’s adorable and lovely to watch.

  • I was impressed by the book and i have alot of raw books.Yes the mac and cheese was very good.Other great books are I am Gratefull,Raw food Real world,Living Cuisine,The raw gourmet.Not impressed Matt amsden book or Julianos book.

  • My favorite raw book would have to be Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen by Ani Phyo. It’s edgy, creative, stylish, and new age. Ani seems to really have a passion for all things eco and health. Also, I love The Raw Truth by Jeremy A. Safron. His island inspired dishes really make me wish I lived in the Pacific Realm! Other good ones are The Complete Book of Raw Food, Raw Food Real World, Living Cuisine, and Raw by Charlie Trotter (gorgeous photos!).

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    Every book has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. I do not like all the use of Cashews and Nama Shoyu… however, i know enough to substitute with ingredients i feel better about… All i can tell you i that about a year ago, i came across Bryan’s books somehow and saw his lovely website and was drawn to his creations. I asked him to email me a free recipe and he happily did so. I made the recipe and ordered the book…. it might have even been the mac and cheese recipe, it was so long ago, i cant remember. I’ve been emailing Bryan eversince and he’s been a wonderful help to me! Bryan also is totally into the environment and new eco ideas… so, that is nice. He keeps his recipes simple and easy – so up my alley! Again, the mango cheesecake is to die for !!!! I’m making the Tuna again next weekend at my parents – i just love this recipe – but, i add some celery, onion and pickle to mine! Yum!!!!!

  • heathermarsbombheathermarsbomb Raw Newbie

    bought this book from ebay and psyched to check it out.

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