Anyone from Edmonton, Canada?

I’m moving there next month and would really love to know if there is anyone from Canada (Edmonton, in particular) who could advise me on good places to buy raw and organic stuff, and if there are any raw restaurants in the city

Also, I would have to buy a whole new set of “kitchen aids”: vitamix, food processor, green star, dehydrator. What’s the best place to buy these things? Thanks


  • Hi, ori, I don’t live right in Edmonton, I live just south of Leduc, but I go shopping in Edmonton at least twice a month and sometimes more. There are two places I would highly recommend for raw and organic food. One is the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market just north of Whyte Ave on 103rd Street. You’ll find lots of local organic produce there The other is Planet Organic just south of Whyte Ave on 103rd street. They have a raw food section…not huge but a good start. They’re in the middle of adding on to their place so it’ll be bigger and better! More products, so they say. Looking forward to it! Makes it very handy to have both the farmer’s market and Planet Organic so close to each other. As far as raw restaurants, I don’t know of any, but then I hardly ate at restaurants before I went raw, so… About the kitchen tools, it depends on what you are looking for specifically. Myself, I have to try and stay away from anything plastic in any form (extreme chemical sensitivity problems) I recently purchased an older stainless steel Vitamix on and am anxiously awaiting it’s delivery. I also bought a 10 shelf stainless steel dehydrator about 2 months ago from Fern’s Nutrition in California. ( It was more expensive that the Excalibur, but well worth it, I thought. I decided to buy from them because, after researching, found that theirs was the best price for the same dehydrator. I am soooo happy with it!! I just called Planet Organic and they do sell the Green Star. As far as a food processor, what were you looking for? I bought a Black & Decker Power Pro II from Canadian Tire for about $40. Sure hope this is helpful. If I can help with any other info, let me know. :)

  • I live right in edmonton. I would have said the same as maxinatux; the farmer’s market is where I do most of my shopping this time of year, and PO is my close second. There’s also another smaller planet organic on jasper avenue but the one off whyte is MUCH better. Unfortunately I don’t know if there are any raw-friendly restaurants in the city. There are some vegetarian one’s like cafe mosaic(also on whyte ave) but I’m a walking food allergy as well as being raw so I haven’t the nerve to even try to eat out. As far as the appliances, I got my food processor at a department store in a mall. There are plenty of places to get things like that; It’s a big city!! ;) But I ordered my vitamix online from unpaya (sp?) got a great deal; $400 for a reconditioned demo model and I still got the seven yer warranty! Welcome to oil country! Hope you like hockey, beer and maple syrup! (yah; cause that’s not perpetuating ANY streotypes!!!) lol.

  • oriori

    Thanks so much, your answers are very helpful!

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