Don't feed the candida monster!

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So many posts later—after a week of daily popcorn, corn chip and raw cheese eating that i just could not explain, i finally listened to my body, which was obviously possessed by the candida monster! Not to place blame, but it was SO unlike me to think of these foods upon waking in the morning and they were the last thing I thought about before bed! I ignored the muscle aches and the burning hands and feet. I ignored the eye floaters and the insomnia. I even ignored the debilitating nightly leg cramps, but I finally could no longer ignore the obvious. I began treating with 100% raw foods, GSE, which I put in capsules and psyllium. Two days later (after a perfectly miserable 24 hours) and I am a new woman! No more cravings! No bloating! None! No more muscle cramps!. I’m sleeping like a baby—(if you take away the fact I sweated through my PJs last night). I welcome the detox and i posted this so others who are posessed by the cooked starches in the pantry might stop beating themselves up and realize they might be feeding the monster as well!


  • that’s amazing! Congratulations. But I have a question, what do you do about the natural sugars from fruit? Doesn’t that feed candida?

  • That is exactly what I am wondering. It is more beneficial to go 100% raw and refrain from alcohol or to also focus on cutting out fruits entirely? Fruits have sugar but also make up a huge portion of a raw diet. What to do? Please help:)

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    That’s another whole post—the fructose thing… Dr. Graham in 80-10-10 and some others argue that it is not in fact the fruit that feeds the candida, it is the fat in our diets, that keeps the sugar in the bloodstream and not taken up and used by your cells. The idea being to move it immediately into your cells by NOT slowing the uptake with proteins and fats—the exact opposite of what we’ve been told. This concept works amazingly well with my diabetic patients that regularly check their sugar. They find when they go raw, they can eat as much fruit as they want and their fasting sugar is fabulous. Introduce any meat or dairy and the sugar goes through the roof! It’s crazy. It’s opposite. On that fructose front, though. I ‘m using Dr. Gabriel Cousen’s Stage 1 raw foods. i’m sure there are no bananas, dates, watermelon or any of the really high glycemic fruits and any fruit I have, which is quite a bit—I do not combine with any fat (avo, nuts, seeds).

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    One thing we all really have to learn is to not refer to fresh fruit with the same breath as we do refined sugars. Our bodies do not treat an apple the same way as they do a spoon of refined sugar. I’ve noticed in recent years the propoganda coming from media and physicians treating fresh produce badly, telling people fresh oranges are “bad sugars” and carrots are loaded with “sugars”. This is nonsense.

    If the food you’re eating is aggravating your body, then don’t eat it. Keep a food diary to make it easier to eliminate things. Personally, I find that too many fats can promote a bout of yeast with me.

  • lzhpt – What are you eating that’s low-glycemic index? I feel like every chart I see says different things – especially about bananas and watermelon. Are you making smoothies?

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    I make smoothies every morning with coconut water as my base. I use either loads of spinach or 2 scoops of Barlean’s Greens, blueberries or blackberries lately, pear or apple. I like a very drinkable consistency so i use more water too and get about a liter in that way. I stopped putting flax or soaked sunflower seeds in my fruit smoothie a long time ago. This holds me only about 2.5 hours. Alix-produce IS getting such a bad media bash lately since the tomato thing. Now they are blaming onions and others. It angers me—let’s see…salmonella=animal poop so let’s dispose of that cow poop very far away from the food! Don’t tell people to stop eating veggies when their cow burger is just nuked poop!!!!

  • so here’s another question… does your coconut water come straight from a whole coconut… or is there a shortcut? Can I just buy bottled coconut water?

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    You probably could buy bottled coconut water, but it would be pasteurized, as is 99% of anything packaged. They have to preserve it somehow. I buy my coconuts from the local chinese shop. Brown furry ones are cheap, the young ones cost their weight in gold and half the time they’re moldy. So I just stick to the furry ones for now.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Carmentina’s got it.. You can wrestle with the coconut. These were expensive for me and I never really used the pulp for much. I just wasn’t into the labor intensive dessert or ice creams and i don’t like it enough to make noodles out of it. Many times I buy the canned coconut water and when i’m at WF or somewhere I get the young coconuts. It is pasturized, but after my intense workouts, I love the way it makes me feel. I use about 1/2 a can and the rest of my base is water—I use 2C base for that big 1.5 liter smoothie.

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