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So I have been challenged by life to lose weight due to my health. I have started out on Weight Watchers and have had some success, but I do want overall health in the long run and would like to avoid the operating room because that is the option my doctor is giving me. So my sister made a comment the other day about a person that changed his life post-stroke to raw-living foods and it got me curious. I bought one book and finished it in a weekend and am working through a second book learning more about this lifestyle. I visited Whole Foods for the first time ever today and added a vegetable to a smoothie which I never considered. So I am here to learn and try out new things in an attempt to get healthier and hopefully lose weight at a reasonable rate to avoid surgery in the near future.

Any suggestions or tips would be welcomed.


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    Hi gigglesoup—cute name. Welcome, poke around, ask questions.

    It does seem like most people who need to lose weight (are overweight that is, even slightly) lose weight when going raw. It is because you can get more nutrients with raw food and feel satisfied with fewer calories. It is like magic a little. I have lost 15 pounds and counting.

    Here are some other people who you may be inspired by:

    amazing stories!

  • Strawberry—thanks for the welcome—my boyfriend has decided to accompany me on this journey since we share food costs and expenses, so we have started off with smoothies. Last night we had our first non-peanut butter (it was cashew butter) with ezekiel bread and added bananas for moisture. So it is good to start off with some support in my corner.

    Bitt—thanks for the links, they were inspiring. I like the bunny blog she is soo funny too. After looking around, I am more convinced this is the choice for me.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Gigglesoup! I just recently started raw food to get more healthy and in a month and a half I lost twenty pounds. I am now near my ideal weight. Not only did I lose weight but I now longer have trouble with any health issues. I’m only 21 but I had a handful and they were all gone in a month (eczema, chronic acid reflux, constant headaches, weight, allergies, serious digestive issues, etc). So let me just encourage you to keep it up!

    Sometimes simple things like a sliced tomato with avocado and lemon juice are the things that make raw living amazing.

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