The Raw Retreat

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Greetings! We have recently opened two Raw Retreats in California. One in Ojai, a bit south of Santa Barbara and one at our cabin in the Sonora Pass of the Sierra Mountains. We are starting our 4th retreat. Our retreats are small – 4-6 people max – in spectacular settings – and customized to your needs. We’ve had people who want to loose weight, transition their whole family to Raw Vegan, recover from early diabetes, have a Raw vacation in a temptation free place, try it out for two weeks, juicefeast for a month, learn and experiment with gourmet recipes… We offer a variety of supportive modalities to support the emotional process of going Raw and work through the emotional eating triggers that most of us have inherited through our family energetics. If you need or want support on your Raw Vegan Journey, contact us to see what we can create together!


Wyn and Cynthia The Raw Retreat 

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