keeping or gaining weight ?

Im sure it has been asked before but im new to this forums so I will give it a try :-)

How to mantain or gain weight on 100% raw diet ?

I have always been underweighted but if I give up bread and rice im afraid that I might end up in the anorexic looking zone, witch I really dont want. I know that they say that the weight will ajust itself, but what to do until then ? My surrondings allready thinks that im strange being vegan and all, but if I start to eat only raw and looses weight they might seriously think that I have a eating disorder ?? :-(

Sigh, it is just as hard being underweighted as it is being overweighted, being judged no mater what. I want to eat raw food for several health reasons plus it just feels so right. My body is absolutely craving fresh raw fruit and greens. when I first heard about rawfood several years ago it feelt just so right, and I have been making the transition slowly for the last two years so im about 75% raw now. The reason im still a bit hesitating is that I have seen pictures of rawfooders who looks like skin and bones. But I have to say that pictures of people like the Boutenko family keeps me going :) specialy the kids they just looks so healthy and radiant :)

Do any of you have experience with maintaning or gaining weight on raw foods ? I will be really intrested to hear more :-)))


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I think people who want to gain weight do a lot of weight training. At least the men I have heard of do. It makes sense, the improved muscle tone will make you look less skinny, but I guess you’d have to make sure you were eating enough to keep your weight up.

    The Boutenko’s eat lots of raw cakes and nuts I think that keeps them healthy, and Sergio does a lot of excercise from what I have heard about him.

    For me, my weight just stays at a healthy level on it’s own, I don’t have to do anything other than eat whatever I feel like. I did lose a lot at the start but it leveled out after a year.

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