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Anyone not do so swell eating raw ?

Has anyone else found raw food just doesn’t agree with them? I was raw for 3 months and didn’t find my digestion improved, but actually got worse. I went back to eating anything I wanted, yes including french fries, coffee and beer too and I felt really good, better than I had in ages. As soon as I eat raw I bloat like crazy, I feel like bloating is taking over my life… :) One day I decided to eat raw squash soup and felt like I was going to die, but cooked squash is fine. Some days it doesn’t matter what I eat although. Eating a big bowl of fresh steamed veggies or even fries is much easier on my system than a salad… does this make any sense? I am very “Vata” by nature and would like to eat raw without being so bloated and spacey but just can’t seem to find the right balance.

Has anyone gone down this road and found balance eating raw eventually? How do you stay balanced when there is so much contradictory information about what our “perfect” diet should be. Sorry to ramble on – Thanks :)


  • southernloversouthernlover Raw Newbie

    What are you eating? It’s the recipes that tend to get you. I have to eat very simply. And, if I’ve been eating cooked junk, I must fast for at least a day and a half, or all the food get’s backed up and bloats me. The cooked food needs time to get out of the way before you fill up on enzyme rich fruits or veggies. They ferment in your tummy otherwise.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Maybe you were eating a lot of nuts and dried fruit? Most nuts are not raw, dried fruit is not raw. Most oil is not raw, all packaged sweetners aren’t raw, check out The Dead Food List for all the info on what is raw and what is not. Bloating can be down to poor food combining, which some seem to be sensitive to.

    Tell us what you would eat in a typical day when you eat raw, so we can all give you some input and try to sort this out with you.

  • anngoingrawanngoingraw Raw Newbie

    I’m not an expertand I started eating raw just some months ago, but here it goes what i think: if you have been eating SAD and then you have a lot to detox I think there raw food that can make detox too hard. I say that because the first time I ate zucchini pasta i feel well eating it and after, but some time later I was sick: increable headache and increable diarrhea. The SAD eaters which ate the same recipe didn’t feel anything extrange. (I had a similar experience once more but don’t remember what it was… a wrap with something in…)

    I want to introduce wheatgrass in my diet and reading about how to do it i have find that it is better to go slowly because it is a very potent detoxing item, and you can feel nauseous and diarrheic.

    So MY conclusion is that there can be some raw foods that have a too quickly/strong effect in our bodies. (Of course, I refer to SAD bodies becoming raw, NOT to someone that has been eating raw for long time)

    I don’t know what you ate being raw and if you previous diet was very healthy or unhealthy… I would suggest one way to go raw: start eating those things that you would eat raw in a SAD diet. And then slowly introduce more “adventurous” foods.

  • You might want to Google “Candida Spit Test”. I use to have terrible problems with eating anything healthy. Now that I’ve balanced my Candida, it is like my entire digestive system has been turned right side up. For me, it wasn’t detox but Candida overgrowth that was the problem – bloating, gas – all sorts of very unpleasant things. Also, I found out that certain foods were energy toxins for me and quit eating them and WOW, what a difference that made!!! I can mix cooked and raw with no problems at all now. I still can’t take some things raw, like sweet potatoes. Love em, but they’re tough to process!! Anyway, check the Candida thing to see if you’re fighting an invisible enemy and then DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!!!

  • eating raw can bring up issues that have been long supressed by our unnatural diets….that you experience relief when going back to cooked isn’t uncommon as it stops the withdrawal/detox….it’s very similar with smokers…smokers actually keep lighting up because it stops the body going into withdrawal..they confuse this with pleasure and stress-relieving (when it’s anything but), because the effects of withdrawal and detox is so uncomfortable…

    food is the same, and due to the druglike qualities of all but the most natural foods it’s just the same process

    sometimes you need to go through the bad to get to the real good…and yes, 3 months probabaly isn’t long enough to really reap all the benefits…a lifetime of bad eating will take more than 3 months to reverse

    i do agree with southernlover and zoe in keeping things simple….correct food combining is usually something that becomes an issue later for a lot of people as they become cleaner, but you may be sensitive to this early on…


    this article has some good info and some helpful charts

    hope this helps :o)

  • I really believe if you’ve been eating a SAD diet, then detox can be a bitch. I was eating a healthier vegetarian cooked diet, and I still detoxed for a month. Now I can’t imagine eating any other way.

    Try Natalia Rose’s book, The Raw Food Detox Diet, which has “stages” for becomgin raw. She says that to go to quickly will likelyl lead to failure as your body just may not be ready. Then you get frustrated and quit.

    It was a great resource for me when I was starting out.

  • Thanks so much for the advice, I ate mostly macrobiotic besides my occasional french fry binges before I became raw. I think stressing out too much about what I eat causes some problems for sure, and being raw made me stress out because it was so hard to find the right things to eat and feel full. Nuts that are sprouted make me unbelievably bloated, flax is the worst. I can eat fresh berries okay but even apples make me really bloated sometimes. I had suspected I may have candida and actually did a spit test and saw stringy things. I feel like it would be almost impossible to give up starches though :P . It seems like you can’t eat anything on a candida diet, especially because I don’t eat meat or dairy.

    It is inspiring that so many people do so great on a raw diet though and I want to keep trying as I believe it is very positive.

  • i think different people may be more sensitive to various raw things. i have a big issue with raw squash, too. raw zucchini i can tolerate just fine in small doses, but whenever i eat raw yellow squash i feel nauseous… about a week ago i thought i’d just try using some for squash spaghetti and a couple hours later i threw up! incidentally, i’ve never had a problem consuming steamed yellow squash. go figure.

  • I know exactly what you are talking about. When I eat summer squash raw, I immediately feel nauseated and really sick (almost like food poisoning) but I’m fine with other raw veggies and when the squash is cooked!

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