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edited March 2016 in New to Raw

ok, help out the new kid on the block. What does SAD stand for?



  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Standard American Diet = SAD ( meat, dairy, cooked food, pre packaged food, junk food etc etc)

    Standard UK Diet = SUKD

  • standard american diet – which comes in many forms – it’s all semantics – some people believe it to be defined as fast food, etc. others define it as the typical meat, potatoes, cooked veggie plate (which most americans think is the healthy american diet) i still can’t believe that people think it’s healthy to order their diet coke on the side of the bigmac and “all white meat” chicken nuggets for the kids. and worse, the sad diet is now all over the vegan fast food/convenience food industry.

    zoe – i love the standard uk diet acronym! sukd! ha ha ha. (i love your name – one of my little girls name is zoe)

  • edited March 2016

    Oh! Ha ha. I’m an American living in the UK, so actually I know about SAD SUKD and didn’t even know it! So let me tell you, although the Standard American Diet is SAD, the Standard UK Diet really does SUKD even more! P.S. Mamamilk, are those kids all yours?! Cheers 

  • Thanks for that, I too was wondering what SAD was.

  • yes these arrows are all mine… although i didn’t give birth to my two grown boys… i birthed the other six little world changers… : )

  • Beautiful family, Mamamilk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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