A very new path.

Hello everyone,

I’m really new to all this and have come for some advice and inspiration from all of you who are at different stages of your Raw life. My aim is health and weight loss for all my family. I have a massive 7 stone to loose and the husband has about 2.I also have Polycystic Ovaries which are really getting me down right now. All the kids are ideal weight, but I would like them to be happy and healthy. We eat plenty of ‘Gillian McKeith’ type meals now but I’m feeling this is the way to go for us.


  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Welcome. We are here to help with your journey. My raw efforts over the last 2+ years led my daughter and husband to a vegan diet. My older 2 (15& 13) are completely corrupted by the media hype that Doritos and Jolt are essential food groups! I try to just “Be the Change”. Be patient with yourself is the only advice i’d give you now. I read in Gabriel Cousens’ book that it takes 2 years to finally get it right. I’m finally there and loving it. I eat so simply raw now that I’d have a tough time making Gourmet raw for a family of 5 when dinner might be greens and a light dressing or zucchini slices dipped in pesto. I make a cooked vegan meal and a raw side (which is usually my dinner).

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    hi keaniebean – cut picture! what a beautiful design. Here’s a wonderful blog post about raw conciousness, that describes the effect of raw food on happiness

    Happiness is an abstract word.. but a lot of us on goneraw truly feel more optimistic, positive, calm, energized. Raw food helps me bike 40 miles a week and run 8 miles and paddle for 5 hours. I never could do these things before raw food. It’s amazing the difference you’ll feel after just a few months eating all raw (or even some raw)!

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