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A Short Sojourn...

Back in May I decided that raw foodism was not the way for me. I was too strict with myself, obsessing over food all the time and sort of “looking down” on cooked foods and the people who ate them. In short, I was being a total douche about my eating habits so I stopped obsessing over them and started eating normal, yet healthy, foods.

At first, I loved it. I felt great, both mentally and physically, and even lost a few pounds. But somehow over the course of these past two months that all went straight to hell. I don’t want to go into details, I’m embarrassed about my issues with food. Let’s just say I’ve gained as much weight as one can really gain in two months, my mood is very negative very often, my outlook is pessimistic, and my self-esteem has turned into self-loathing. I avoid seeing people I really like because I’m ashamed of myself. This sucks and I miss my old, confident, and slimmer self.

So I’m diving headfirst back into raw!! I miss how positive I used to feel, I miss how I used to look, and most of all I miss having confidence and self-respect. I didn’t realize all the benefits of being raw until they were gone, and now I want them back!! I feel a little optimistic already :)


  • Welcome back Slosh. It is always a journey and we all have to learn where we need to be. I think it seems like we obsess becuase it is hard to be raw in a cooked world. I have let people in on this who are very ill, even unto death, and they just think I am crazy becuase it is such a foriegn concept to them. It makes me sad but the only people we can change is ourselves.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    Slosh-uh, I think raw will help you but perhaps you also need something else to complement the lifestyle. There are many things that people find nourishing to the soul: breathwork, yoga, therapy. Maybe to not put all your eggs in the raw basket.

  • Welcome back!! Be positive.

    After 2 months eating high raw I ate SAD foods again for some days, that was all right!! Because I saw clearly enough wich is the difference for me between raw and cooked (+ not so helathy): my body prefers it raw!!

    So take care of your self, take it easy and best whises.

    PS. There is a thread that I think it’s very helpful and positive, just a moment I’ll look for it….

    Here it is:


  • Hey Slosh-uh, I can relate to everything you said about what happens when weight gain happens cuz of food issues. I think I could write a book for those who need quick weight gain cuz once i was on this candida cleanse and lost 30lbs and felt great, but then i hit rock bottom in a relationship and i managed to gain 40lbs in 2 months..how is that humanly possible? vegan junk food is how!! i have habitualness in obsessing about food too, it’s hard not to i think. but what’s most important is that your experience was a learning tool and see you came back to a way of eating that makes you feel good, inside and out. kudos to you. I’m constantly amazed at how, at least for me, self-esteem and self-loathing (or the lack of) are tied to my diet. when i’m on my A-game, I’m way positive and happy, but if i have a bad day of eating, it takes days for me to get back on track because i have perfection tendencies. guess it’s all about balance and accepting things for what they are. anyways, my ramble-prone writings could go on and on, BUT what i mean to say is welcome back, and you’re not alone in how you deal with food!

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Welcome back-slosh-uh! When I’m lost in the hole of cooked food poison (just speaking for myself) i know it can’t get worse. You know some stuff takes awhile to detox, but one day with your green smoothie and you favorite totally raw foods and you mood will turn, day 2 you eyes will clear and by day 3 you’ll be knowing you are back, present and clear about your choices. Let us know how it’s going! PS-you will peetox all that fluid out this week.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Glad you’re feeling good again!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hey Slosh-uh! I was wondering where you went to. You struck me as a very memorable poster and I missed seeing your name around. Welcome back!

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