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What do YOU eat before or after a big workout?

mewmewmintmewmewmint Raw Newbie

Curious to know.


  • It really depends on how much time I have. If I manage to sit down, I’ll have a big fruit meal at least 30 min before the work out. It can consist of a banana, a mango, a dragon fruit, some small apples,oranges or pears. After work out, I usually have a large salad, or if really short of time, I’ll make a green smoothie with lots of bananas and a handful of greens ;) Hope it helps!

  • I do an early morning (o’dark hundred) “bootcamp” workout and I don’t like to eat too heavy that early. What I do use is 1 to 2 Tbs. of blue/green algae in about 1 qt of water. Sometimes I add 1 Tbs of chia seeds too. Seems to keep me going with better energy toward the end of my workout compared to the others in my bootcamp class.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Not much before, a piece of fruit. after-a big green smoothie made with a coconut water base, lots of berries, fresh or frozen (organic), peaches, banana or Mango, 2 big scoops of Barlean’s Greens if I’m low on fresh greens, a few big leaves of Kale or a big handful of spinach-i stuff 1/2 the blender with the stuff. When i get hungry again, i’ll have a substantial raw meal. Now if you’re Marathoning or biking great distances, you want to check out www.organicathlete.org and You Tube Brendan Brazier’s Raw Running. We had a good forum going several months ago in health and beauty entitled Raw Athletes. Check it out.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    If its a weight lifting session then always a raw protein powder. It was the only way to help me properly repair like when i was on a SAD diet.


  • Here's what I do (but, everyone's different) Before working out: Anything easy to digest (and small)! Bananas, green juice, a smoothie, etc... After working out: A blend of the above with a raw protein supplement (the glucose is what carries the protein to the muscle, both are important!). A book that might be of interest to you, would be The Thrive Diet - It's pretty decent at breaking down before and after nutrient recs. However, if you're looking on the muscle building side, then I would strongly suggest reading a traditional body building book and then supplementing with raw foods (just to understand the science of it all). Also, it sometimes just depends on what your goals are - looking for energy? Looking to gain muscles? Etc... This would definitely factor into your before/after nutritional consumption.


  • I take power bar and an energy drink before I go for a run in the morning.After work out,have foods which are rich in proteins and carbs like Dried fruits, and nuts,Veggie omelet with toast or roll.


  • You should never eat directly before or after intense physical exercise,according to well renowned Gerald Benesh and his dietary guidelines.The body needs time to adjust back to its non active state in order to properly digest food.After running,I stretch,shower,drink some water,by then it's been 10 minutes or so.I like to make protein shakes with VEGA protein powder,raw carob,fresh almond milk,and dried figs.I know VEGA isn't 100% raw,but my body is really happy with it,feeling great.

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