Dehydrated Dog Treat Recipes?

Hi, We have a dog that eats mostly raw and i was wondering if anyone has some recipes for dehydrated dog treats. The only really processed things she eats are store-bought dog treats, and i am wanting to get her off of those.

Thanks very much! Kelsie


  • I have 3 dogs and am looking for some good recipes too since the melamine poisoning of wet dog food. One of my dogs, Madison, is pretty thin and doesn’t like regular kibble. She loved the cookies I made from this site though. They are mostly almonds so I didn’t think it was too bad for her. The dogs also loved the sprouted sunflower burgers I made. I couldn’t believe how much they loved them and how much the burgers looked just like a hamburger.

  • Hmm, i haven’t really thought about sunflower burgers, that’s a good idea and i’ll try that and see how she likes them.:) The only thing i’d have to worry about is drying enough that they could be left out. Which cookie recipe was it that you gave your dog? The only ones that i’ve made off of this site were the apple cookies, but they have raisins so i didn’t give her any. Thanks again!


  • Hi Agent 99.…

    This is the cookie recipe I made this week. I didn’t use the nutmeg or cardemon- I also didn’t use olive oil. I had some peanut oil I used. I was suprised they liked it because of the coconut. =)

  • I noticed that my dog absolutely loves my flaxseed crackers and breads… so I take a double batch and spread it thick on the dehydrator tray and dehydrate it longer so he has nice thick treats to clean his teeth (score the batter first though!). Sometimes I eat them too. That felt weird at first, but it’s kind of cool that we can take a bag of treats on a walk and share!

  • we give her the pulp from the juicer…and also you can dehydrate the pulp too and cut into crackers. We also toss her the ends of the tomatoes when we are cutting some up…she loves those.

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