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Hey everyone, I haven’t been here for awhile and missed you all! Where do you get your E3 live?


  • jenny2052jenny2052 Raw Newbie

    I think they do most of their selling online:


    They are so nice! The first time I ordered a bottle of dried AFA, they sent me a second bottle free. It’s great stuff! I’m using the dried kind because I didn’t want to have to buy 5 bottles at once like you do with the liquid, but I’m switching to the liquid when I run out of the dried. If you haven’t tried it and are shying away from the price of 5 bottles, (or if you travel a lot) the dried kind is a great way to try it out.

    I love to mix my daily serving with 1/2 a blended grapefruit. It’s terrific!

  • I would love to hear testimonials of anyone who takes E3 live. Does anyone feel that this is an added benefit to someone who does green smoothies daily? I tried other brands of spirulina back in my SAD days and was never impressed, although I’ve never been a huge supplement person either.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    I am glad you mentioned it because I was looking at the 5 bottles and the price is pretty steep. I was trying to determine if I should get the dry kind.

  • jenny2052jenny2052 Raw Newbie

    Spirit, I really love it, and I do feel like I get a noticeable burst of energy and feeling of wellbeing when I take it. Kind of like I used to get from coffee (without the jitters and anxiety) or wheatgrass (without the nausea). I generally drink it with 1/2 a grapefruit on an empty or mostly-empty stomach on my way to the gym or yoga. The synergy of it with working out is awesome. But it’s good on it’s own, too – especially for those days when I’m feeling low-energy or overwhelmed emotionally. I had a lot of health problems last year, so I started trying all sorts of supplements along with a raw diet to help my body heal. The other supplements might have helped some over the long run, but this is the only supplement I’ve taken that I can truly feel a noticeable, immediate difference with. Interestingly, I did a lot of reading on AFA after I ordered it but before it arrived and I started to regret having ordered it – there are so many sites debunking its health claims, and I started to feel like I’d been duped. So I definitely tried it with a healthy dose of skepticism, and was really surprised how much it seemed to agree with me.

    Oops! Spirit, I just re-read your question. I do green smoothies, too – I actually feel really similar after drinking algae as I do after a green smoothie – but the feeling is perhaps a bit more intense, if that makes sense. So it’s definitely not necessary, but I still think it’s nice. To be honest, one of the best parts of the algae is that it is really convenient. I haven’t gotten so I can drink it plain yet, but when I’m in a rush, I just hand squeeze a grapefruit into a cup and mix it with the algae. It’s great to have something so satisfying when I’m on the run. Hope this helps!

    Joesc—I haven’t tried the liquid kind, so I can’t compare the two types, but I’ve had great experiences with the dried, so perhaps you will, too! They have a neat page that explains their low temperature drying process, too. It made me feel very comfortable ordering it.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    You have been a great help Jenny in getting the information I needed. Thank you!!

  • Thank you Jenny

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