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I am a penny-pinching college student intending to go raw once I return to school in August. I really want a Vitamix, but they are so darn expensive! However, there are some more moderately priced ones on ebay, but they are the 3600 model. My question is this- would it be better to save my pennies for a long time to get a new one, or get an older model? Are the differences in the 3600 and the 5200 models major enough for me to wait?

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  • you can try craig’s list too. i don’t know the model differences, sorry. but i do know people love their vitamix and blendtec blenders- i have a blendtec that i use daily- and it’s just fine to get a used one, i think.

  • I just purchased a used VitaMix 3600 on ebay. One nice thing about it is that the canister is stainless steel. No plastic off-gassing or leaching into your food. For me that is a definite plus as I have a super chemical sensitivity problem. Although it says on the VitaMix site that there are no BPAs in their newer canisters, from what I’ve learned there is still some chemical odor (off-gassing.) Oh, and you can also still purchase parts from VitaMix for the 3600.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    We got a blentec which is a bit cheaper. we LOVE it.

  • I know I'm way late to this thread... but in case someone finds this while poking about the site:

    Vitamix's are expensive, but totally worth it. For anyone thinking of buying one, you can at least get a free shipping (worth $25) promotion code through my blog:

    Hope this helps!

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