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Needles in my mouth! Help.

NagevNagev Raw Newbie

I have cavities and I’m going to get them filled tomorrow. The dentist is gonna freeze my teeth with a needle full of drugs.

I’ve had this done a long time ago before I was raw or vegan But I’m wondering what the drugs will do to my body now.

Also what is the worst that could happen if I don’t get them filled?

Can anyone speak from experience? Help would be great!



  • I haven’t been completely raw. but I have been eating really healthy the past year and my body has gotten really pure (I never really ate bad. so it didn’t take long for my body to clean up)

    Back in March I went to the dentist to get some teeth filled.. I also was unsure about going as I wasn’t sure what the shot would do to my body now that it was clean. But I decided it would be best to just go and do it or I would be stuck with a hole in my tooth and I don’t want any of my teeth to get bad.. (I sometimes get cavities cause I had braces and they weakened my enamel.. I no longer eat sugar so Hopefully I won’t get any more cavities..)

    when it was time to get the shot I made myself relax.. remembering other times I have gotten the shot and it didn’t hurt.. just a little pinch. (I hate needles.. I never had any shots as a kid. Very thankful for that) but as soon as he started injecting the needle I could tell something was way different. I could feel the poison start to go in and through my jaw and face.. and it hurt really bad. trying to show the dentist that it hurt I tightly shut my eye and made my best “OWW! that hurts” look. but the dentist was already going as slow as he could with the injection so it didn’t help.. Then it was on to the other side.. (I had to get 2 shots) and did the same thing over again..

    after that Lovely experience and after he finished my teeth. I left with a upset stomach and a sore jaw… but it was a different type of sore then it normally is.. and my stomach doesn’t normally hurt after leaving.. but I shrugged it off.

    next day the sight of the injections hurt and my jaw hurt pretty bad.

    then the next day I came down with flu like symptoms. And I ached all over.. I couldn’t get out of bed (or could barely get out of bed) so I told my mom to call the dentist and ask what the heck he injected me with…

    She found out it was the same Ol’ stuff that hes injected into me before.. And Assured us that I wouldn’t have symptoms from the shot.. And added that maybe I came down with the flu that was going around. And continued on to tell my mom about how a friend came down with it and blah blah blah. Now I Rarely if EVER get sick.. And I also rarely if ever get the flu.. (don’t think I have ever got a bad flu?? Normally 24 hour flu) Unless my dad brings it home and gets sick and coughs and sneezes all over the house.

    So naturally we (me and my mom) weren’t going to take my dentists word for it. As we already know that if it’s a drug and its accepted by the “FDA” then it has side affects.. So we looked it up… sure enough! There were my symptoms right there on the list.. Along with many other very serious symptoms.. Like.. Your face not waking up.. Sounds fun? NOT.

    Upset stomach, Pain at the injection sight, body aches and so on so forth. After reading the symptoms list (and it really was a LIST) Both I and my mom wonder how in the world they got away with being able to inject people with something without the slightest warning first? I mean come on if it could make your face go to sleep and never wake up.. I would like at least a little warning.!

    So now I have made up my mind to never go to the dentist again.. And to take really good care of my teeth! (brush, brush, brush, brush, brush… and FLOSS, FLOSS, FLOSS!)

    Hope that helps :-p

  • hmm… i wonder if there are holistic dentists? i’ve never heard of one, but could be an option if there are! while i myself haven’t been to the dentist in significantly longer than the prescribed “bi-annual” visit, i haven’t had any problems with my teeth… but i definitely would not leave holes in my teeth if there were any. even primates who eat all raw can end up with rotten teeth… and i don’t think that would feel very good.

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    WOW! I just came from the dentist maybe 2 weeks or so ago. I was scared of the drugs also, I had to get a tooth pulled because of a deep cavity. So, I told him to pull it with no novicane….TRUST ME..take the drugs…OOOCCHH!

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    oh yeah, i agree with brittnigirl89. I now take very good care of my teeth!

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    i think it’s worth it to get some injections in order to get necessary dental work done…but in the future, take super good care for your teeth to at least prolong the time between dental visits!

  • melaverdemelaverde Raw Newbie

    Stay away from mercury fillings, trust me, I have been going through mercury detox for the past 3 months and it is a lot of pain. read this post

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    Mmm not in my mouth but I have had a needle freeze nerve in my back. Sure any time you have drugs go into your body it is not good. But I tend to think that the local pain killers are much better than the systemic pills you take.

    Wow, dreasraw, no Novocaine, you are brave. I did that once and NEVEr again! I brush my teeth and floss and I haven’t had cavities in years thank god!

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    Yeah bitt that was my first and only time, like you, NEVER AGAIN! Hopefully, this new way of living will grant me healthier teeth.

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