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Okay, I am having issues with the recipes.

When someone says (example) “1 cup buckwheat, soaked and sprouted for 2 days”, I, after spending years reading recipe books, immediately think “1 cup of buckwheat that is going to be soaked and sprouted”. However, a few people have said “That is after sprouting.” which doesn’t make logical sense to me – because the sprouting is listed after the ingredient.

I think if it is a measurement of sprouted buckwheat, it should be stated “1 cup sprouted buckwheat”, or “1 cup of buckwheat sprouts”, or something like that; this is simply because I have no clue how much buckwheat to start with to get 1 cup of it, and I don’t want to soak 1 cup and end up with 5 cups of buckwheat sprouts that I can’t use! :o

Otherwise you might could say (just an example because I don’t know the quantities), “1/4 cup of buckwheat, to sprout and equal 1 cup” or “for sprouting” or something like that.

Hope I don’t sound coarse – I’m just a bit flustered (don’t worry – I’m not angry ;-) )

Thanks for listening to my whining! :D


  • Oh, Khaas Ladki, I sooo agree with you! It would make it so much easier if recipes were worded like you suggested. I’ve run into similar difficulties such as “1 cup of flax seed ground”...does that mean grind 1 cup of flaxseed (which will yield much more that 1 cup) or is that 1 cup of flaxseed measured after it’s been ground? It would be better to put something like “grind 1 cup of flaxseed” or “measure 1 cup of ground flaxseed” :)

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