Hello guys,

I decided to do my first MC at the end of this month before going on holiday to Italy for 3 weeks.

I was advise by my Blood Test Live Analyst not to add any syrup during the cleanse as I have under-active thyroid. She said that if I use agave/ maple syrup it would upset my thyroid. Also, I have candida and parasites.

Do you have any advise?

Many thanks in advance….

The strawberry girl.


  • Hmm, I’m not sure what to think. As one who has candida that I’m trying to get under control, I’ve had a great experience on each of my 3 MC’s. My candida symptoms drastically changed while on the cleans and coming off of it. From what I’ve read, you need the syrup to aid along with the lemon and cayenne for cleaning the colon. I haven’t heard anyone doing it w/out syrup. My suggestion is try it with the syrup for a few days and see how you feel. In general you won’t feel super fantastic because you’ll be detoxing. Perhaps someone else has some input. Good luck, strawberry girl!

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    This is news to me, being that I like to MC and am hypothyroid. I was able to find one Dr.’s website stating people with hypothyroidism should avoid sugars but most people should. I would be interested in knowing more detail on the statement about the thyroid/sugar connection if you can get that.

    Candida – there is a clear sugar connection on that.

    My understanding is that the maple syrup is what keeps you from getting hungry on the MC and provides you with minerals to help keep your electrolytes in balance.

  • you need the syrup for energy and minerals…mc is not a fast, it’s a severely calorie controlled diet

    by removing the syrup you are effectively removing the small amount of calories that you need….

    i wouldn’t even consider trying it without the syrup

    a short water fast may be a better alternative

  • I agree with el-bo

  • Thank you guys :-)

    The strawberry girl xx

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