Since beans are processed and cooked… are they raw?

I’m getting really hungry after 3 days of rawness and I’m craving for some beans or something…


  • Priceless OnePriceless One Raw Newbie

    No, they aren’t raw. And, the general idea that I have gathered is that if it isn’t edible without cooking it first then we shouldn’t be eating it.

    You might actually be going into a detox. I know that my body really freaks out at times and tries to convince me that I am starving when I just need to hang in there. Maybe put together a big salad with some sunflower seeds or some pecans in it. Try giving yourself something heavier. So much of this is a mind game, I am finding. My brain says that I should feel such and such after eating and since my body doesn’t get that “feeling” my brain says my body needs more food. Make sense? And don’t stress, if you eat some beans, you might find you don’t like the feeling anymore. Learn from it and go on. :)

  • Bah. Yeah, I gave in… I’ve gone 3 days now raw and despite my profound knowledge and wisdom I did not actually even consider it to be a detoxification. Fuck, I’m a bit disappointed… But I had some beans, lentils and corn dressed with hummus and it was really good! Awe well, one set back won’t kill me. And I’m just trying it out anywho… Thanks for replying :)

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Thats the spirit, dont give up, and never be hard on your selff if you eat something cooked. If you are new to raw then I say that you are doing great! Some people go on a all out binge when they away from cooked foods for too long. Beans are edible raw. The easiest ones to sprout are lentils. You just put them in a large bowl and submerge them in water. After about 18 hrs of soaking they should look plump. Drain out the water and let them be. Ocassionally check them and spray them with some water to keep them moist. You should begin to see them form little tails. Those are the sprouts. After about 3-4 days you can then eat them. I will tell you something. Bean sprouts are sometimes hard to digest and you may have to acquire a taste for them. Try to sprout a small amount and try them out for your self. If you like them then great! Good luck and stay strong through detox. Remember all negative thoughts and cravings are all in your mind. Listen to your brain and not your stomach :)

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