kale with orange juice

blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

I had a huge bunch of kale (called Judy’s kale at farm, still can’t figure the exact kind it is) and was looking up recipes. I got as far as one saying orange juice and went …hey I have a thought. So I took off all the leaves into a big bowl and gave the stems to the critters outsides (animals love me). With a bowl overflowing with kale leaves I then took an orange(overripe, but juice was good) and squeezed it all then grinded on some Himalayan salt and massaged all in.

I know have a tasty bowl of kale but not sure what else to do with it(besides eat it). Any favorite salad toppings that would go well with this mix?


  • i’ve had dried cranberries in kale salads before. i think they go really well! and tomatoes and/or cucumber also work quite well with this kind of mix.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    avocados, grated carrots, pumpkin seeds, red onion, olive oil…

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