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Hi! I’m looking for people in Florida, Gainesville area I’m moving to intern on an organic farm-I’m wondering if anyone knows of a raw restaurant near there-I’ve never been to one!


  • i bet the only place in Fl youll find a raw restuarant is in miami. just a guess though. i live here too and we are lucky to have a co-op. good luck. where you interning? magnolia farms?

  • hello. i live in the orlando area and i heard about a raw restaurant opening in winter park soon. it would be a bit of a drive from gainesville, but thought i would let you know if you’re ever in the area : )

  • Merritt Island: A-Live & Healthy Organic Cafe

    Tampa: Grassroots

    Daytona Beach: Sunrise Park Cafe.

    St. Augustine: Present Moment Cafe

    Someone on gi2mr gave me the above info, so unfortunately I can’t vouch for any of the restaurants. He said Present Moment Cafe was great, though! I also live in Orlando, and I believe Cafe 118 is opening in late summer – so exciting!! :-)

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