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Hello new to the scene

I have been overweight nearly all of my life and have tried many different types of diets. About 2 years ago I started eating organic foods and cut out fast food, soda. I started exercising (walking, weights and yoga – hours every day) and continued having a hard time losing weight. I was told by a couple people I had symptoms of hypothyroidism so I looked into that and went to a specialist in my area. He gave me a ton of supplements and said my diet was ok (he was actually against me going vegetarian)...I took the supplements for over 6 months and no change.

I am at a loss as to what I need to do to lose weight.

I recently picked up a couple books on eating raw and decided to try it. After a month of eating about 80% raw and juicing 1-2x a day a felt better but still no weight loss.

I am unsure if I need to continue taking supplements if I am eating healthy…and I would like to know what else I can do to help my weight.

I’m always looking for great recipes and have even created a few of my own.



  • Hi and welcome! I am new here too and have been experimenting with many of the recipes here. They have been pretty successful so far. As far as the supplements go. Check to see what vitamins and minerals are in those supplements compared the amount in the natural food you are eating and you could probably cut back on the supplements. Our bodies can use the vitamins and minerals easier when they are in their natural form. I read in one of the forums that many people do not worry about the weight and that it just sort of “falls off” when they started eating raw. I do not know if fruit sugars or nut fat causes bad weight gain though. Keep us posted on your progress!

  • Hello and Welcome - I can sympathize with you Frisky. I tried every diet under the sun (Atkins, South Beach.. i even tried the pills, patches, teas, and even a weight loss soap and nothing worked!. I hired a personal trainer, and went for nutrition counseling, and still nothing.) I gave it a year and not only was i not loosing weight, but i was getting sicker and sicker. I finally gave up my faith in the medical world and decided to fix it myself. I went 100% raw and in 12 weeks i dropped 30 lbs. The biggest thing for me was cutting out gluten and processed sugar. (Gluten made a huge difference for me- if youre not sure what grains have gluten- check out this site ‘http://www.csaceliacs.org/gluten_grains.php). anyhow- after a month or two of being raw, i checked in with my naturpath who took me off all the supplements she had me on except B12 which she told me to only take when i felt i needed it. In theory, if youre eating right for your body, you shouldnt need to take anything extra – but im certainly no expert. I would suggest you talk to a naturpath/doctor and get evaluated by someone who knows! Good Luck!

  • Welcome,

    I was/am overweight and the weight definately did not drop off once I started eating a high raw diet. The one thing that has worked for me is to alternate a couple days of just green smoothies than a couple of days of yummy raw recipes. I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks and the weight has been melting away. I know that I eat more fat in my raw diet than I should but I’m knowing that I will naturally lower my fat intake as I progress in this lifestyle. I still add some fat to my greensmoothies ( soaked flax seed ). I hope this helps, It was the only thing that worked for me.

  • Hi Friskygimp, welcome !!! Have you heard a book called “Fat Flush” by Ann Louise Gittleman ? It’s very interesting. She said that when we can’t loose weight it’s because of the toxic on our liver. The liver has to detox first,then we start to loose weight. She has a 7 day diet on specific vegetables for the liver and a fast day with cramberry juice that is amazing for your liver.I did 3 day fast that she did recommend and I lost a lot of weight and I felt great. I got her book from the public library.

  • PamPam


    I am hypothyroid (medically induced) so I know how difficult it can be to lose weight. Unlike others, the pounds didn’t just fall off me when I went raw. I still have to really watch what I eat.

    The 20% that isn’t raw? What are you eating? I’d keep a careful eye on that. Odessa has a good point about gluten and processed sugar. My body is sensitive to these, as well as dairy and soy. You may be eating something that your body just doesn’t like!

    Juicing can help you pack away a lot of nutrients (i.e. calories) in just a few quick gulps! Are you drinking fruit or carrot juice? I’d cut that out for now, if I were you. Eat the whole fruits instead. But keep the olive oil, olives, nuts, seeds and avocados down to a minimum.

    Also, I watch my salt intake. If you feel that you are at all bloated and not just over-fat, try giving up salt. You will love the results.

    For exercise, have you tried Bikram yoga? One hundred five degrees and it’s no joke. You can stop doing everything else!

    I like Lucy’s idea of a Fat Flush. I have to do something to get “unstuck.” Eliminating most foods from my diets and limiting myself to just a few seems to “unstick” me. ;o) That’s probably because, after years of eating foods that don’t “agree” with me, I have a tricky digestive system and maybe you do, too.

    Good luck!

  • Raw does automatically equal low-fat. Nuts, avocado, coconut oil, Olive oil. Don’t cut them out, but limit them. I never eat a nut dish and an avocado dish in the same day anymore. I too had a weight problem when I started my Vegan and now Raw diet. I wieghed 200 lbs and could barely walk up a flight of stairs. Plus I am diabetic, so that extra weight was not helping.

    I am down to 155 thanks to first Vegan and now Raw, and although my sugar levels are still high I am starting to see a progressive improvement on the Raw diet (the last few days mt sugar has been under 200).

    It will take time but you will get there. Endorse yourself for coming in to this community. The people on this site are friendly and very supportive. Their advice is invaluable.


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Welcome! I have hypothyroid too. I have been following raw for almost a year now, but just recently getting close to and/or acheiving 100%. I have had a few slips, but get back on track pretty quick. I have lost around 30 pounds or so thus far. If you search the forums section, there has been quite a bit of dialogue on hypothyroid and what others have done for it.

  • Thank you so much for all the warm welcomes and information!!! I will check out the various books and website and keep you posted on my progress :)

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Hi friskygimp, Don’t give up, keep on eating raw food and it will come off when it’s ready… I ate raw for over 1 month, more like 2 months, and was disappointed because I wasn’t losing weight, BUT I was happy because I was feeling much lighter and energetic and knew I was doing right for my body. Then, all of a sudden, weight started dropping off! In fact it was so fast for me that I started to think that something was wrong because I pretty much skipped an entire pant size downsizing in 1 month…I think that a lot of people freak when they have detox or start losing weight quickly and go back to eating the way they did before. Don’t. You are eating way healthier than you probably ever have :) Just make sure you are eating enough, don’t deprive yourself, don’t skip meals, feed your body well and eat when you are hungry, at least that is what I did and it seems to be working :) Keep coming back for great, simple recipes…goneraw.com has some great ideas!

  • rawmama i wonder if that’s why our bodies do it? it saves calories and holds onto fat because it fears a next starvation mode so it feels the need to save and protect. when we don`t skip meals and eat natural and healthy the body acclimates and the starvation worries cease. patty

  • friskygimp:what`s your week look like foodwise? and exercise, what are you doing to burn calories? supplements depend on your variety in your diet. i use a site called fitday.com that tracks your food and tells you if you`re meeting the rda for vitamins and minerals. it also tracks exercise and shows you where you`re burning your calories. i really like it.

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