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Beauty/Cleaning Products

Can someone tell me what brands of makeup and cleaning products are safe to use. Cruelty-free,etc. Also, what items do you use to clean/sanitize,etc instead of harsh chemicals?


  • I use Seventh Generation mandarin cleaning spray, their lavender dishsoap and Nature Clean Oxygen Bleach.Neither tests on animals. I don’t wear make up so I don’t know which ones are good. Let me know if you find any worth trying.

  • Thanks for posting. I think I am gonna make some cleaning supplies from basic stuff like baking soda,etc. I hate using chemicals. I wear makeup and so I need to find something that is not tested on animals and not harmful (not sure if that exists) OR I just gotta give up makeup (don’t wanna do that…hehe).

  • White or ACV Vinegar works great too, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to make it smell pretty! Yeah I just stopped wearing makeup because I have yet to find any that doesn`t animal test or have something in it that I can`t pronounce…I figure if I can`t even say it, it probably isn`t good for me.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    Bon Ami I use and some orange cleaning stuff from the natural section of the grocery store. lemon rinds and baking soda are great too.

    makeup, don’t wear much but i use aveda when i do.

  • Clinique, Jane, Mary Kay, Urban Decay, Bobby Brown, M.A.C, and Estee Lauder. They’re all on the PETA “No Test” List.

  • caringconsumer.com is a great site to take a look at

  • Homemade Elbow Grease You can make nontoxic, cruelty-free cleansers from just a few ingredients that you probably already have lying around the house. All-Purpose Cleaner: 1 part distilled white vinegar, 1 part water, and a few drops dishwashing liquid Bleach: Hydrogen peroxide or borax and water Carpet Shampoo: 1/4 cup mild detergent or soap, 1 pint warm water, and 2 Tbsp. distilled white vinegar Deodorizer: Baking soda and/or borax Disinfectant: 1/2 cup borax and 1 gallon hot water Drain Cleaner: 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup white wine vinegar (let sit for a few minutes, then follow with a pot of boiling water) Floor Cleaner: 1/4 cup distilled white vinegar and 1/2 gallon water Furniture Polish: 1 part white distilled vinegar and 3 parts olive oil, with a dash of natural lemon oil Glass Cleaner: Club soda Oven Cleaner: Ammonia (set a shallow pan in the oven and let stand overnight) Rust Remover: Salt and lime juice (let stand for several hours) Tub and Tile Cleaner: 1 2/3 cups baking soda, 1/2 cup liquid soap, 1/2 cup water, and 2 Tbsp. vinegar

  • Hi I use miessence cleaning products and make-up. It’s completely chemical free. Read the ingredient lists by clicking on item. The cleaning products are a reasonable price. Baking soda is good. have a look www.earthyorganics.mionegroup.com

  • clr-1976clr-1976 Raw Newbie

    Tamisha, they may not test on animals but alot of the cosmetic products you list have some commercial nasties in them, ie mineral oil, alcohol, sls, parabens etc.

    This link explains what to look out for;


    I’ve been looking into retailing nasty free cosmetics & ‘make-up’ wise so far I’ve discovered, nvey, Dr Hauschka, inika and living nature to name a few, google them and see who stocks. Skin care wise, my current fav’s are green people, earth mama angel baby (for baby & mothers to be), the organic apoteke to name a few but its a growing market. Be really careful and check ingreadients yourself as its easy to market something as ‘natural’ when the never been anywhere near a plant, take the shampoo ‘organics’ for example, and check the ingredients… I still check the ingredients even if I think I know what I’m buying..

  • Whole Foods has a really nice mineral makeup called Gabriel that I really like. The ingredients are all natural, and they are cruelty free.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    I’m working with my Mom on these issues right now so here are the sites that are helping her: http://www.tutorials.com/08/0858/08581.asp http://www.huffingtonpost.com/green/ http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/ http://www.grist.org/advice/products/2008/03/25/ I use Gabriel, Peacekeeper, and Demure brands of natural makeup and they’re all great! You can check their websites.

  • clr-1976clr-1976 Raw Newbie

    Did some research last night for a retail site for natural cosmetics; Try this


    Looks good at first glance & was advertised in Natural Health Magazine

  • Nvey Eco is an all organic makeup line and has absolutely amazing makeup. Their creme deluxe foundation is actually better than any foundation I have ever tried, chemical or not, and is full coverage. It successfully covers my acne! It is the first I have come across that I feel is legitimately safe. But it is extremely expensive, $60 for the foundation alone. Juice Beauty is what I use for skin care and is also very effective and safe. All organic, no parabens, chemicals, etc… but is also a little bit on the expensive side with cleaners ranging around $20-$25. Most of their products revolve around fruit enzymes for their bases. Juice Beauty also makes a less expensive line called Juice Organics which they sell at Target and the only difference is the antioxidants are not included and the fruit enzymes are not as potent but honestly I have tried both and it really does not make all that much of a difference.

    Hope this helps :) I have only been completely raw for about 4 months but hopefully this diet will help clear up my skin so I won’t have to use all those darn beauty products!

  • I work for MAC and we used to have a cruelty free label on all of our products (i dont know why we took it off) ... But I can tell you that they are 100% cruelty free!

  • clr-1976clr-1976 Raw Newbie

    All depends what you’re after I suppose, if its only cruelty free then a-ok, if you’re cencerned with what your body can absorb check the ingredients..! I used to be a MAC lover but not loving the ingredients.. Its a complete bummer! Check out this link..


    and thats just one,

    This beautiful website explains more and what & why they chose to avoid..


    Lets all boycot the nasty ingredients and create consumer awareness!!

  • clr-1976clr-1976 Raw Newbie

    Just found this amazing (but scary) website on another tread on here (Health & Beauty ‘mascara’) .. You can search for a product or manufacturer & see what is in it/they use..


    If you’re brave picklegirl, check out MAC ;-)

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    there’s a lot of good products on www.poshorganix.com the woman who runs the site a raw foodie

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