12 Steps to Raw Foods

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thinking aloud I just finished reading Victoria Boutenko’s book on the 12 steps to end your dependency on cooked foods! Wow, it has certainly helped me understand the “difficulties” in transitioning to raw foods. No wonder I craved so much cooked food after 2 months of 90% raw!!!! Well, I can’t say my cravings are gone, but I understand why and what I should do. I certainly feel like I understand myself more and am more prepared about what to expect when “going raw”. Great book.


  • Really? Does it explain why? I am having the same problem. A little over a year ago I was about 90% for two months and doing so great and than I start craving mashed potatoes and bready things.

    Right now I was around 100% raw again for the last two months and again I started craving vegan sandwiches with Veganaise again – tonight I had a vegan philly at the cafe. I had several cooked meals this week alone. I am craving pb and j on white bread. grr!! I am getting that book so I can figure this out!

    I thought it was just me – I thought it was just a weird coincidence that it was two months both times! I also noticed around the two month mark I start to feel not as great as I did prior and alot weaker too.

    thanks for posting that! :)

    is this the book you read?


    I see there is another called “12 steps to raw food” but it is from 2001 and it says “how to end your addiction to cooked foods”. I want to make sure I get the right one. thanks!

  • That’s the correct one, the newer version. I read it just over a week ago, it is EXCELLENT! It helped me understand my cravings as well, and that info alone is very helpful in overcoming them. Since it’s still a new book and I just recently finished it, I can’t say whether or not it has made me better at maintaining 100% raw. It will take more time to see how that goes. I second the book and say it is a must read for anyone who is not 100% raw. I wish I had it before the other books I had read that didn’t give me this info.

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    Yes, that is the book. I ate a lot of cooked food the 2 months after I was 90% raw. This book doesn’t talk about a “magic 2 month craving”... it just made me very aware of the fact that I may have strong cravings… Boutenko recommends green/veggie drinks for those cravings… I can’t remember if she mentioned that cravings are due to a mineral deficiency (I learned that recently).

    I’ve read many raw food books, but most mention the equipment you need and why. Boutenko’s book was more helpful in knowing what to expect when going raw. Like RawVegan4Health, I can’t say whether it has made helped me maintain raw… but I certainly feel more confident, and not-to-hard-on-myself because I failed.

  • So, it sounds like it a pretty common phenomena to start getting the cravings at the 2 month mark than and it could be due to a mineral defiency? Hmm..interesting. I am going to get the book.

    For myself, I don’t intend on being perfectly 100% raw all the time but I don’t want to get into the habit of eating more than one or two cooked meals a week. To me, that is sort of falling a little bit too much off the wagon.

    thanks all!

  • My cravings are a constant battle, which is rather dangerous for me because of my diabetes. I’m going to try the green smoothies, and I think I’ll carry around some carrot sticks with me for an instant snack.

    The 12 step book is on my list. In fact it will probably be my next book purchase.

  • i invite people with strong cravings for junky foods to look at other solutions than eating different things. changing habits, especially food habits isn’t east if you aren’t strong. you need to feel responsible for something (yourself) in order to really take care of yourself. ask any smoking woman if she would continue smoking if found pregnant… and you’ll see what i’m talking about. i encourage you to surround yourself with people you feel supported by. this doesn’t at all mean necessary other raw foodists. it means people that at the end of the hang-out you feel empowered and not drained. if you don’t have such people handy, than seek a group of strangers out. the right kind of strangers can be very empowering. in portland there is a great self-empowerment weekend called naka-ima (website) enjoy. also empower yourself emotionally, be honest with yourself and with others, notice what things in your life are an emotional drain and seal the leakage, and don’t forget to enjoy enjoy enjoy every step.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Thanks for sharing ofek. You are right… my husband and friend from church (both into raw foods) do encourage my “better” eating habits. I will however, try more greens & minerals because those cravings are a battle for me. BTW, thanks for that green recipe you just posted!

    My husband doesn’t get cravings like I do. A long time ago I tried a raw diet – OriginalDiet – for 10 days, and I had absolutely no cravings for bad-sweets about day 7 into the diet. I don’t know how it works… but I believe our cravings can be “quenched” if we eat properly. The diet is primarily nuts, seeds, grains, fruit with very, very little veggies… (more of a transitional diet for me) because after reading all these books about “raw”, how important veggies are, and not to eat certain grains, I am including more greens now and less grains… we’ll see how it goes. :o)

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