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Hi everyone! So this is new first of all i’m not to swift on the computer! I know i’m probably the only one in the world so bare with me and i’ll figure out how to get a picture posted as thats always great to help make people or our names seem real! Secondly i’m new to the Raw lifestyle and emptied Chapters out of the books on it and i swear i’ve been on alot of or all the sites. So doing 2 weeks and going gung hoe yet still learning i don’t think was the best way to do this i wish i had a good manual better yet some personal direction as i’ve learned that you cant just eat whatever sometimes. I got stuck in the confusion of food combinations so that got me lost pretty good. I don’t know if this works where you guys can answer questions but i’m from a small town in Ontario and know one has a clue about this stuff so some guidence would be so welcomed. I would really like to see if someone has a good SIMPLE sample day menue especially for the caloric conscious. I’ve always done the traditional fitness diet plan and i find it so hard not to fire up a protein shake. I’m so not a cook and find this to be very challenging as there is so much to always prepare. Can anyone help please! Hope this works, wish me luck! jenn


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Welcome Jennyleightully! First, congratulations for choosing raw, your body will thank you for it! As far as help goes, in my opinion, this has been THE most helpful site on the web to get support, answer questions, etc. I am on here a couple times a day. I think the best thing to do for help is to go back through the existing forums and read them. It may take you a few days, but it is worth it. As other’s on here have said before, it is like a living encyclopedia!

    On food combining- some people follow it, and some people don’t. I am one that doesn’t, as my body has never had any of the complicatins associated with not food combining. I just eat what appeals to me.

    On calories- I do eat what I want, but my daily eating consists on 6 small meals, around 200 cal’s each. Sometimes it’s more, sometimes less. I have been raw now in some capacity for almost a year, but most recently close to or acheiving 100% (minus a few slips). I have noticed that my body really just likes eating some fruit for most of the day, then early evening I have a heavier dinner (which is contrary to the way many raw foodists say to eat…heavier meal should be mid-day, not evening/night), followed by a dessert. I HAVE to have a nice dessert or else I feel deprived and get the urge to eat cooked food.

    On protein shakes & fitness- I exercise everyday, burning between 800 & 1000 calories. I power up with a wonderful green smoothie with a little spirulina and/or hemp seed powder added in. My green smoothies usually have either spinach or kale, a banana, and berries along with the spirulina & hemp. (See there’s that food combining thing that I am NOT following again…LOL!)

    Hope this helps!

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