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Varicose Veins

Ok, I’m 37 y.o. and have had 4 children. I started with a large varicose vein in my left upper thigh area and it got worse with each pregnancy. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s very ugly. Is there anything that can help to minimize the appearance? Thanks in advance!


  • i also have bad varicose veins and have recently had an ultrasound. the doctor found a leaky valve in the saphenous vein in my leg and i am having it removed next week (typically called vein stripping, but i am having a laser closure done instead that reduces the recovery time from 6 weeks to 2 weeks). any cosmetic treatments i have had, such as injections and laser therapy, have actually made the large veins worse by increasing the stress on the leaky valve.

    have an ultrasound and see if the problem is isolated to that section of vein or is due to functional issues. if it’s isolated, saline injections will work quite well to close the section of vein. if not, stripping is required.

  • AKAAuburnEyesAKAAuburnEyes Raw Newbie

    Rebounding (jumping on a mini trampoline) helps varicose veins. The changes are tremendous with regular use.

  • titusclan, if you start the trampoline thing, make sure that you exercise your intimate muscles. Otherwise you’ll do serious damage to yourself.

  • AKAAuburnEyesAKAAuburnEyes Raw Newbie

    Springfairy brings up a good point :) As with any type of new exercise it is important to start slow and gradually increase intensity and duration.

    Begin with bouncing only (no jumping), the feet don't even leave the mat of the trampoline. Rebounding can and will strenghthen pelvic floor muscles as it does all the muscles and cells in your body. However, if you have any degree of organ prolapse resulting from your pregnancies you would need to have your Dr. clear this exercise or let you know if it is completely contraindicated for you. If you are free of any such issues and have no contraindications then rebounding certainly will help the varicose veins.

    As an aside, it is totally normal to feel like you have to go the bathroom immediately upon starting, go and come back and start again and repeat as many times as necessary. In a few weeks you’ll find those muscles have gotten stronger and the need won’t be as strong or frequent.

  • Wow, I didn’t know it also strenghtens the pelvic muscles. My Hungarian trainer, who protected her method and measures the effect of her training with gynecologists recommends that all exercises involving shaking or jumping should only be done if your pelvic muscles are also trained and strong. I horseride, so I took her advice and can definitely feel the difference.

  • AKAAuburnEyesAKAAuburnEyes Raw Newbie

    Rebounding strengthens every cell of your body simultaneously. It provides a cellular stimulation that makes it a more efficient exercise (more benefits with less workload) than any other exercise offers.

  • taking horse chestnut, bilberry, or grape seed extract (or all of them in some sort of blend) will help with capillary and vein strength!

  • I know this is an old thread- but I'm hoping to get some more thoughts on varicose veins. I've been having some burning (only slight, not as painful as it sounds) in my legs and finally noticed what looks like some mild varicose veins starting up. I've had one baby (almost 10 yrs ago now!), I know that contributes. I'm working on trimming down (I'm down about 12 pounds), but have maybe 15 or 20 to go. 30 to 35 pounds can sneak up on you over the years. I'm trying to keep regular on cardiovascular exercise. Finding the dark vein was quite a motivator. We have a trampoline (mostly for our daughter), so I'm going to start doing that a few times a week while the whether is nice. My big question is on cayanne pepper. Has anyone found success here with using it as a tea? I stumbled across several sites mentioning it.

  • shawnieshawnie Raw Newbie

    My mother had bad veins including varicose veins (she had operations on the big ones) and has said one thing that has helped was laying on a slant board for 15 minutes everyday with her feet up. It will help prevent further damage or diminish current veins. You can also do this laying on the floor with your knees bent and up on a sofa. It helps with circulation too!

  • Thank you Valeria, I will give it a try (probably the sofa idea).

  • shawnieshawnie Raw Newbie

    No problem, I've been trying to do the same thing. I've even got my boyfriend into it (haha) though we get distracted. It's something you have to keep doing... for the rest of your life for steady results. But I guess that's with everything :)

  • CaresCares Raw Newbie

    Calc. Flour. tissue salts are good as they increase elasticity which is a must for the circulatory system.

    I would take 4 tablets 4 times a day as well as Ferr. Phos.

    I did this for an aortic aneurysm and it worked a treat. (I took the tissue salts for approx. 6 months)

    Granny Smith apples and black currants are also great for elasticity I used to eat them for breakfast with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top.

    The rebounding is also good.

    To improve circulation...crush up a couple of garlic cloves in a mortar and pestle and mix in a couple of table spoons of clean water

    then rub this on your calves at night time about once a week for a few months. Hubby called me Zorba the Greek, but WOW does it improve your circulation!

    (Be sure to mix water with the garlic or you may get contact dermatitis on your hands from rubbing it in)

    I would have a shower in the morning to wash the smell away as it just isn't good to smell like lasagna all day :-)

  • jumubegumjumubegum Raw Newbie

    It sounds like you're dealing with quite a common issue after multiple pregnancies. It's understandable that you'd want to minimize the appearance of the varicose vein.

  • jumubegumjumubegum Raw Newbie

    While it's great that it's not causing any pain, I can imagine it's still bothersome. One option you might consider is laser vein treatment. I've heard it can be effective in reducing the appearance of varicose veins. I stumbled upon this website where you can find more information about it: veininstituteofwestchester.com. I think it's always worth exploring your options to see what works best for you.

  • ricemaxricemax Raw Newbie

    There are ways to reduce varicose veins. Compression stockings help circulation. Elevating legs can be beneficial. Exercise like walking improves blood flow. Medical treatments may be needed for severe cases.

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