August is Raw Month!

CaptureCapture Raw Newbie

I everyone! I decided to explore being raw by doing it for the entire month of August! I am beyond excited and can’t wait for August to get here! I’ve been making preperations, looking up recipes and trying to eat the last of my cooked, perishable foods (I don’t want to waste them!). I’m only a little concerned that I don’t have a dehydrator—it would be nice to have, but I know I can do with out one, plus when I can afford the really nice Excalibur,I know it will be worth that wait!

I’m looking forward to getting to know other raw vegans here and trying lots of the great recipes!!!!

This is a really awesome community!!!


  • msrawdivamsrawdiva Raw Newbie

    i’ll do it, too! it’s really warm here in arizona and i could do without the hot foods.


  • CaptureCapture Raw Newbie

    Hi msrawdiva! Yea! I’ll just pretend I converted you to my august raw even though I’m guessing you’ve been raw for awhile! lol

    Thanks for the welcome!!!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    hey capture there is a 100 day challenge starting in august.

  • It’s great to see more and more people converting to the raw lifestyle! I myself have been on and off raw since ‘05. I’ve gone over one year straight 100% raw, and then fell off for various reasons. Now, after a few months of cooked vegan eating, I’m ready to go back to the best way to consume food. Fresh, Live, Raw Foods!!! August 1st was actually my first real day back on track. I plan on staying raw for, if not the rest of my life, then at least 365 consecutive days. I wish everybody the best on their journey. Good luck. Stay strong, be strong. Namaste!

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