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Anyone Got Any Ideas???

This is my first post – yay! I wondered if anyone had any ideas on things I could make for a special meal. It’ll be the first meal I “cook” for my new boyfriend. I’m new to raw & he’s a typical eater – a carnivore, addicted to salt, sugar, coffee & the usual, bless him. I think mostly he doesn’t know any better. I’m sure I’ll get him eating healther eventually;) I have loads of health problems, disabilies & allergies which he’s absolutely fab about:) He says it makes me unique & more special(I’m very lucky – gush:), Anyway back to the question! LOL) WHich is why I want to do something special. He’s coping so well with everything, the whole raw thing makes me even more different. We’ve talked some about it & why I’m doing it(trying to help my digestive issues, I’m very limited to what I can eat anyway because of my severe allergies & to try & improve my health overall) He’s excepted this & I’m sure he’s willing to learn, as he has been so brilliant with everything else. I just don’t want to cook anything too alien & make something similar to what he’s used to eating normally. ut also something that isn’t going to make me suffer. Help!!! Hopefully that all made some sense?!?


  • heyenglishheyenglish Raw Newbie

    I really love the veggie chili on this site: http://goneraw.com/recipes/4367-Veggie-Chili I throw in some chopped mushrooms too, and I only blend the cilantro in the sauce, I don’t add extra at the end, or I find it tastes kinda green (which is great, but a little weird for chili). I think this chili has a lovely warming, cooked taste to it.

    I find raw fruit cobblers are always a hit too. The first time I made one, my mum couldn’t believe it wasn’t baked!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    The Matt Amsden’s onion bread with James Russell’s wilted kale salad as a topping. And for dessert Cheflandria’s mango cheesecake… never fails. The cheesecake requires a high-speed blender… it is so good. And, well worth it! You can use agar instead of Irish moss for the glazing on top.

    As for the main dish… wow, I can’t decide. Do you have a dehydrator? Spirooli?

  • Italian is a great bet~! ani phyos marinara is the bomb!!!

  • Thanks for your help guys, it’s very much appreciated:) I love the fact that you can ask for help & everyone will do what they can:) You guys are all great.Hugs

    germin8 – I know there’s too much choice?! LOL. I don’t want him to think he’s eating like a rabbit(nothing wrong with that;) at all) – just might be a bit of a shock for him the first time:) No I don’t have a dehydrator yet unfortunately – saving my pennies though, so hopefully soon:)

    Hugs & smiles xxx

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i served SAD eaters raw chili and it was yummy for them as well as me.

    also my berry cobbler recipes are crowd-pleasers. it’s a lot easier to make than most dessert recipes and it doesn’t require any crazy items like moss. click on my profile for it. or search recipes for cobbler.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Hmmm, then you can’t make the onion bread.

    I agree with omshanti. Italian. It’s a favorite of many. Try a lasagna or pesto sauce with zoodles (spiraled zucchini noodles). We made a pesto sauce recently and loved it. We gobbled it right up. Double servings!

  • I know I can’t wait to tray the onion bread!:) I think I’m gonna go with something along the lines of a mexican feast, chilli & raw nacho’s, that kinda thing. I thought it would be something not to foreign to him, but still taste good for us both:)

    Unless anyone has any other great idea’s. Thanks for all the help guys – your all stars:) xxx

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie
    edited February 2016

    snowfairy – what appliances do you have? food processor, high speed blender, dehydrator? or a regular blender? Coffee grinder? I can recommend recipes depending on what you have. Here’s what I posted on From FAD to RAW as my faves.









  • Hey Winona – I have a food processor, blender, coffee grinder & other usual kitchen stuff. I so wish I had a dehydrator! lol xxxx

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Awesome! You can make all the recipes I suggested. I recommend the falafel balls, then make Dill Dressing and serve it on a bed of lettuce cukes tomatoes parsley cilantro. You CAN’T screw up that recipe, it’s the best. BUT be sure to use fresh cilantro with the falafel balls-

    The dancing chicken salad is MAGIC too!

    Since you’re new to raw food prep, i say:

    limit the number of ingredients (try recipes with 5 or few main ingredients, plus a few spices)

    TASTE the food as you make it – add a little seasoning at a time, taste, adjust. be conservative with strong flavors – ACV, lemon, spices – too big a pinch can ruin an entree.

  • Thanks:), I’m quite lucky I was well experienced in the kitchen before going raw & so am finding it quite easy to adapt my “cooking” to raw. I’ve jumped in feet first & have been trying some of the more complicated recipes on here:) I’m petty experimental & I’m definately a taster – which can be a bad thing because there’s not much left by the time I come to serve – it’s all part of the fun though, I guess. Definately going to try some of your ideas though, thanks again:)

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