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august 80/10/10 support group

join us if you feel to try something a little different

if you haven’t read the book, then possibly wait till you have…a lot of people try this ‘on a whim’, fail the diet through lack of knowledge and blame the diet for the failure..

you will need a good understanding of the principles involved and a firm belief (at least in theory) that this makes a lot of sense as a lifestyle…this belief will (hopefully) buffer you when things get tough…and they will get tough

this diet is considered extreme….but it is extreme only when compared to the diets we’ve grown up with or even the , more, gourmet styles of raw a few points

1) activity , rest , fresh air, sleep etc are all fundamental parts of this lifestyle….failing to incorporate these aspects will place too much emphasis on only one aspect of health

2) if you find yourself eating cooked foods, try to ensure they are low-fat….keep going and aim to eventually eat enough calories so that you have no desire/need for the cooked foods

3) it is in your best interests to avoid spices, salts, vinegar etc….however they may just be the things that keep you 811 in the beginning….lose them as soon as you feel you can do without them

4) calories calories calories….make sure you eat enough

5) fats…all fruits and veg contain fats…..it doesn’t take much extra fat to push you over the recommended levels….chose your fat wisely….nuts and oils are a far inferior source of fat than avocados or other fatty fruits here are some links that i presented in last months challenge

1) it is a good idea to get a rough idea of our bmr (basal metabolic rate)...this is how much , in calories, our body expends daily (AT REST) http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/ this will give you a rough idea

2) get familiar with a calorie counter..be it a book, nutridiary or (my favourite)- cron-o-meter


...i have this for macintosh but it’s available as a free download for windows also…it’s a great, self-contained, program

we only need to count calories in the beginning to give us a rough idea of how much fuel our choices of food contain, so that we may better understand how much to eat








  • Thanks to 811rv I’m in the best shape in my life!

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    I am in el-bo…..probably with some quinoa and other pseudograins.

  • I think I’m going to join you guys. I can’t go all in(I’ve got a wedding coming up and a honeymoon weekend with lots of bad for me alcohol) but I do want to make the eventual change to 811rv. It just makes the most sense to me of any diet out there. I hope I can get some great inspiration from you guys and get started on the diet after the wedding.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    I’m in.

    I am also astonished at how my body has streamlined with 811rv.

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    hi moth! i just was wondering if you’re going to do this, and you are! glad you’re here.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    tempted to do it as i will be at my parents most of the time and they usually pay for my food. sadly my weakness is raw cacao. I had an all-fruit meal yesterday for lunch at a baby shower and felt great! no cravings later. my body is getting more used to it. so i will probably not do all 811 but some meals of it. it’s a transition for me, a slow one.

  • go for it, bitt…just do what you can…this is an experience , not a challenge

    take as much as you can from it

    DO get hold of the book as soon as possible

    and remember that your deviations from 811 should be low fat….if not you will likely cause more problems than you solve

    cacao is not optimum, for many reasons…but as long as it’s not in a high fat , bad combined raw meal, then just have it….try to go a few days without it here and there, both to demonstrate to yourself if it is an addiction and secondly to allow your body to become sensitive enoiugh to demonstrate to you what effects it’s really having on your body and mind


  • I’m in again.

  • CaptureCapture Raw Newbie

    Oh! Tank you for the cron-o-meter link! I’m starting my 30 day raw tomorrow and this will come in handy! I’m also really interested in the 8/1/1, but I have yet to read the book, I’m waiting for a copy to come into my library!

    Good luck everyone, you all rock!!

  • yeah, cron-o-meter seems like such a nicer program than the online trackers, although they have the advantage of being able to use anywhere…

  • I’m interested in reading about this and then possibly joining the next round – what is the book? And who is it by?

  • 80/10/10 diet by douglas graham…best advice is to get the book first and join in next month….hopefully this thing will keep going

  • Count me in, after “covertly” participating in last month’s group. I’ve already seen great changes after a relatively short time. I’m not sure I’ll be posting every day but would like to share some insights and my experiences along the way.

    El-Bo I want to thank you personally, because thanks to your persistence on this very forum, you piqued my interest in finding out what 811 was all about. After reading the book and much information on vegsource, here and elsewhere, I have a completely new understanding and am excited to learn more every day! Thanks for your encouragement of everyone.

  • welcome…i’m actually in myself…thought i wouldn’t as i can’t continue past this month, due to moving to a retreat where it isn’t possible

    anyways it doesn’t make much sense to waste the opportunity to get as much good health going for this last month that i can

    gonna be fasting the first few days and will jump back in with y’all when i’m done

    this really is a great group…i am glad to have got people interested as those same people keep inspiring me to continue through my many failings

    doug reckons 7-10 years…well a few mistakes here and there is just par for the course

    thank you everybody for having the faith to try something that goes against the grain in the current raw climate

    see y’all soon


    elliot :o)

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    glad you’re in el-bo :)

  • Elbo – a few people on Give it to me Raw were extremely persistant in their passion for this diet and has caused me to think twice about it and question if it is for me or not. Someone told me about this challenge and asked me to try it for 30 days and judge it for myself so here I am. And yeah I agree about this going against the grain of the current majority of the raw movement. People who even hint at 80-10-10 get highly censored on other raw foods sites like RFT so it is nice to be a part of a community where it is openly talked about. Also other experts strongly state otherwise when it comes to consuming so much fruit and I have had open debates about my concerns. However, I feel like I need to try it for myself and see who is right.

    Ok my goal is to lose these last 10 or so pounds that my body is stubbornly holding onto. I am hoping 80/10/10 will be the answer I have been searching for. It seems very restrictive compared to just eating raw so this will take me some time to get used to it. I will try my best. I like eating salads but I will have to find a solution for a good dressing with out fats. I tried lemon on my salad yesterday and was pretty surprised that I did like it but honestly speaking I would rather have some sort of dressing. I have signed up for Nutridiary.com and have the book even though I haven’t read through the whole thing yet.

    I got your response about raw honey and other information on other sweetners – but what about agave nectar and stevia specifically? Does Dr. Grahm make a stand on this issues cause I haven’t been able to find it in the book?

    Ok I am hesitant but I really need to try this. I figure if I can juice fast for 30 days or Mastercleanse for that amount of time I should be able to do this.

    I am a bit overwhelmed with trying to find my way around the Nutridiary site (it seems like a lot of work tracking all of this but I know after time it will get easier as I get a regular rotation of foods together).

    Good Luck everyone! Let’s enjoy August!

  • morn…that 10 pound thing rings a bell…gi2mr perhaps ???

    yes, it’s good to just be left alone here to do this…from the amount of views we get each month , there seems to be a lot of silent interest

    as far as agave, stevia…aren’t these just refined foods ???

    consider that maybe the fact that you are dreading the loss of these is because you are so used to denying yourself the naturak sweet stuff that your body is craving these refined sugars

    one thing i will guarantee is that if you cut out overts as much as possible, quit salt and make sure you are getting your calories in fruit, then sweet is the last thing you’ll be craving

    let your taste buds re-sensitise and then you will see these ‘foods’ for what they really are

    lemon is ok on salad, but lime is great :o)

    quit the salt , uup your activity level, simplify your meals and get your calories in and i’m sure you’ll make a dent in that las 10 lbs

    so, yes…let us enjoy august :o)

  • and maybe try the cron-o-meter link in the 1st post of this thread…i prefer this downloadable program to calculate my cals and nutrition

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    i agree-cronometer is more complete and quicker, although you do have to use just one computer which can be a pain.

    morn, i too have my issues with 811, but i am going to work on this diet and see how i feel. i may incorporate some cooked pseudograins, I may not. One thing that I found very interesting today is this: I think I am on target to eat 1600 calories today, not enough but mroe than I’ve been eating,and upping my calories means that the chunk that a half an avo or a wee bit of oil represents of my daily intake goes down.So maybe for me the issue wasn’t the half an avo but rather not eating enough. I have had 5 bananas today, and will probably eat a couple more,and that’s alot for me, but each banana I have, my fat percentage decreases.

    What I am trying to say in my long-winded way is this: i haven’t totally cut out overt fats or salt, but I think as I eat more calories, I may find I crave them less,particularly the fats which are so calorically dense. I find salads less than wonderful without oil, so tonight i am making an avo/lemon dressing (just a bit of avo) and maybe that will be a good transition dressing for me, and might work for you?

  • Elbo – What does “gi2mr perhaps” mean? Ok I am just trying to get down all the rules so to speak. I will probably be fine without sweetners and right now I use very little salt so that won’t be a problem. I actually really don’t even like salt – never have. My biggest problem will be giving up the fat. I ate a ton of it while being raw (nuts, olive oil, etc.). I found a recipe on the Dr. Grahms site for a salad dressing made out of paypaya, celery and tomato. I will try that and see if that flies. But thanks for the suggestion about the lime. That sounds good as I love lime.Oh and I already work out about 5 days a week so I am hoping that with following this it will work.

    Nycgrrl – thanks for the tips about getting the daily intake up and how it affects percentages. I am new at this so it good advice.

  • gi2mr = give it to me raw

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    So pumped about this August experience. I am going to be camping in the wilds of New Hampshire this weekend for peace of mind and cleansing. I will be drinking raw juices (orange juice, mostly – easy to make while camping) until I am compelled to eat again.

    Peace and much love, everyone…

  • I have been following a lot of these posts on 811, and I’m ready. I read the book, and am just starting to reread it…to be honest, I ‘m a little nervous about the first few days…but….I want this. I’ve been high fat mostly raw for about two years now, but feel totally stuck. This makes so much sense to me. So…I’m glad to be a part of the August experience with everyone!

  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie

    Morn! Nice to see you over here from RFT….that is interesting. I too, felt the need to expand beyond the confines, lol. I still like it over there too though.

    I am doing their 30 day all raw challenge right now, with an 811 slant. I am not sure if my 20% fat goal will be suited to this challenge though. Also I will be using spices and things….so. Good luck to us all, summertime is the Best!

  • thecavsmanthecavsman Raw Newbie

    OK – I am a late comer, but I am in. My plan was to go ALL raw this month. While I consider myself all raw now, I’m not all really really raw – I still have dried fruit sometimes that may not be dried at low temps – I still have Raw Revolution and Larabars sometimes that have not really raw nuts in them – I still have some agave…you know what I mean.

    But 811 sounds great so I think I will add that to my all raw goal. I just need someone to explain it all to me. I used that great program for mac that was posted (with the bitten Apple logo – I forgot the name). Yesterday I was 69:25:6 – so I wasn’t quite there, I’m assuming. I haven’t read the book, but someone please break it down simply for me. I should be 80:1:1 according to the pie chart in this program, right? And I know the other lifestyle stuff is there too – exercise, etc, which is something I also want to do more of. Someone just tell me the basics without yelling at me for not reading the book – I will.

  • the thing about reading the book is not just about understanding the basics…it’s explained in such a way as to instill a real confidence in the message (at least , for most people)

    without that confidence in the theory, you will not have the strength to really make it…trust me…i’ve believed in this for a long time, but i still have trouble being successful at it (my failings)

    in a nutshell

    80 percent of yourt calories from carbs (fruit) 10 percent from protein (all fruit and veg) 10 percent from fat (all fruit , veg, seeds , nuts)

    people find that 90/5/5 is an even better ratio in terms of energy and digestion

    that is it

    you can incorperate cooked as long as it’s low fat…you will do a lot better if it’s 100 raw

    you will do a lot better without salt, spices, stale nuts, larabars and refined sweeteners

    make some enquiries into the theory of correct food combining for even better digestion

    start here…many articles on natural hygiene that is the basis of much of dougs work


    and you have to make sure you are eating enough calories…again you need to read the book to understand more on this…but just trust me and all the others that have been trying this….

    so there you go

    the book is a necessity…without the true conviction in the theory you may try…fail and blame the diet…thereby missing a ggreat opportunity

    get the book if you want to understand the reality of candida, diabetes…know that people have used a high fruit diet to cure both of these as well as collitis and many other problems

    hope this helps


    and in case you missed it….GET THE BOOK...hahaha :o)

  • thecavsmanthecavsman Raw Newbie

    I will definitely get the book ASAP.

    As for failing the diet – I am pretty fruitarian in the first place – sometimes I got 4 days without a single nut, seed, or salad…and I don’t eat acovado’s at all. That is why I will even try 80/10/10. I know how great eating all fruit makes me feel whenever I do it. If I eat nuts, its often just because I ran out of fruit and I’m going to the store the next day – or I’m trying to preserve fruit – or I didn’t have enough time/room to pack fruit – you know what I mean. My only enemy is the date/nut bars (Lara – raw revolution) that I have been having almost once per day and I was trying to phase those out anyway. So that should have you feeling a little better about me just jumping into this – I have no problem eating a lot of fruit – I even prefer it.

    I’ll update how I’m doing.

  • :o) and what , prey tell, is the significance of ‘cavsman’ ??? i’ve always read it as caveman…your error or mine

    glad you’re in with the group….

    forgot to say


    you seem to be already ‘there’ with the concept of the fruit….please note, that doug recommends , on average of (and at least), 2-6 % of calories from from greens

    it is a common misconception that this is a fruitarian or mainly fruit diet…sure, it is by calories….but not when considering by bulk….wait to see what your daily plate of greens looks like :o)

    speak soon

  • thecavsmanthecavsman Raw Newbie

    And my whole enthusiasm has just gone doooooooooooown. Not that I dont like salad at all, I usually have 2 per week – but that is nothing compared to what I’d need to get 2-6 percent of my calories from greens, right? Well, I’ll aim for the minimal 2% and see what happens.

  • this is why i said to read the book first…...maybe join in next month if you still feel interested

    enthusiasm is the 1st pre-requisite

    some strategies….


    orange juice and lettuce

    banana and lettuce (smoothie or wrap)

    banana and celery

    big salads

    mango/lettuce parcels

    if you can hit 2% you’ll be doing great…get as close as you can…look at a head of romaine a day and alll is fine

    of course, if it is a question of you disagreeing with the amount then maybe you need to sit it out for a while, look into it further

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