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calories, how many do you eat? Does it matter?

Hello everyone! I was just wondering how many calories people eat. I am not sure if I really believe that a calorie is a calorie is a calorie, I think that the type offood you eat is more important than the amount. So I was just wondering how many calories people eat in with relativity to thier wieght, just to see how much it matters. What does everyone else think?


  • i don’t really count the calories i eat, but i know that some days i must be eating close to 2000, and some days i’m just not very hungry and eat much less. i’m a petite 5’2”, so 2000 calories for me seems like a lot, but it never makes me gain weight as long as i’m sticking to low(er) fat raw. i also work out a lot, so i know my body needs it for fuel.

    i do believe the whole scientific 1 pound of fat equals 3,500 calories, but i do think your body has an easier time processing raw calories. i used to eat as much raw fat as i wanted, but it did make me gain a little weight, and since i’ve cut way back i’ve been trimming down.

    the more a person exercises, the more calories they’re going to need for fuel. i think just making sure you never go hungry is a pretty good measurement, and not to worry so much about the numbers.

  • I wish I was in a position of not worrying about numbers, but I am not allowed to do any exercise apart from water aerobics at the moment ( and with extremely limited access to pools, it leave’s me not doing any exercise at all), so I have to watch what I eat. I’m 2 kg away from my goal weight and have got such a bad back that the doctors has sworn me off all exercise, even slow walking long distances, and considering I don’t have a car, these restrictions are killing me, hence, I’m counting in order not to get back to my old self. I HATE IT. Up until recently I didn’t even know what a calorie was, and I actually preferred it that way.

  • Dancin DurianDancin Durian Raw Newbie

    Yeah, I suppose not feeling hungry is a good guide. I am also very active, and veyr small, (5’3) I just wanted to know how much everyone else was eating. It is quite different than the mainstreem though I think, when you are eating raw.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i’m sure mine vary depending on the day, but i checked once and it was around 2,000. i just eat when i am hungry. i have been exercising a lot more but not eating much more. that is interesting to me. i seem to be losing weight but i need to.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I wish I could eat as much as other raw fooders! I eat about 1200 calories a day and am considered obese:( When I was skinny I couldn’t eat more than 1000 calories a day, so this isn’t unusual for me. I guess my lifestyle is like a turtle’s.

    Edit: I made a mistake; I’m only considered really, really fat instead of obese now, yay!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    I bike an average of 3 miles a day and 10 miles one day a week. I lift weights, run, and kayak a couple times a month. I’m 5’5” and 135 lbs. I eat around 2,000 calories a day. I never gain or lose weight. I’ve been eating some raw for a year, high raw for 5 months.

  • heathermarsbombheathermarsbomb Raw Newbie

    I try to eat 1500 but I dont count. Lately Ive been upping my raw food intake a lot and trying to eat 4-5 times a day. I have a few more pounds to lose. I cut WAY back on drinking which is where the weight gain always comes from for me. Ive also been eating loads of flax in the morning which helps curb cravings. I always seem to gain/lose the same 7-10 lbs. It’s much harder to lose them than gain them!!!!!!!

  • Dancin DurianDancin Durian Raw Newbie

    wow, thanks everyone! Yeah i can see how this can be so confusing, there are so many differing oppinions and experiences. I wonder if it is more about WHAT you are eating, than the AMOUNT?

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I think so, Dancin Durian. What you eat is important and also, your lifestyle. If you sit on your tush in front of a computer like me, you’re not going to burn a lot of calories or need a lot.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    I’m really curious about this as well. Calories seem important yet I know about ten years ago I lost about 20 pounds and kept it off by strictly doing the low low fat thing and not counting calories at all, I ate all the time and am sure I went over what the calories suggested would be. Recently I actually signed on to nutridiary because I was trying 8-1-1 and find the whole keeping track of calories very interesting. On days I don’t work out they want me to eat almost 1700 hundred calories, this is still with a 500 calorie deficient meant to promote weight loss (I’d like to lose about 8-10 pounds) or on days when I run as many as 2700 .. I find the 1700 days I sometimes go a little over and the 2700 days I’m often a little under so it all balances out. I haven’t really lost weight though so that’s wierd and I’ve actually been much less raw lately (eating lots of processed vegan carbs to fuel runs, pasta, etc.). So I guess this is a long way of saying I haven’t figured out if the whole “a calorie is a calorie” thing is true or not

  • What about getting enough vitamins and minerals and all that? I know that if you eat a varied diet of whole foods and eat about 2000 calories, you are sure to not be deficient in anything, for the most part. If we are eating less than that 200 calorie mark on a raw diet, are we still getting all we need vitamin and mineral wise?

    I signed up for nutridiary as well and monitored my intake for the last couple of days and I was just under 2000 calories and I noticed I was not getting enough of some vitamins, adding more greens fixed it, though.

    What do y’all think?

    I guess every day is different, so in the long run, maybe I would be getting everything I need..?!

  • Dancin DurianDancin Durian Raw Newbie

    Yeah, it is often difficult when you look at what you are eating, to make sure that you are getting all the vits and minerals that are needed. That is why food diaries can be helpfull. So you all think that about 2000 calories is good and doable? What do you eat to get that much?

  • I eat between 2200-2500 calories a day to maintain my weight. I don’t exercise as much as I used to and if I start exercising more, I think I will lean towards the 2500 side of that. I also nurse a toddler and that consumes some of the calories. I’m 5’9”, 142lbs if that helps to explain why I need so many.

  • Having recently lost 40 lbs. and now trying to lose the final 5-10 more before going into “maintenance mode,” I keep a food diary. Most days lately I’ve eaten about 1200-1500 cals. Some days I’ll eat a little more, especially if I’m eating out (about once a week) or if I go for a run. (Besides the occasional running, I usually walk 40+ min every day, which is part of my usual transportation.)

    But I do think that WHAT I eat is most important. I am constantly trying to eat more fruits, veggies, nuts, and healthy protein. I have only recently cut out meat, but I still occasionally eat fish, eggs, plain yogurt, drink milk or soymilk, and eat some cooked foods like rice, beans, whole wheat tortillas & pita bread. I also allow myself to have a bite or two of something really tasty at the end of every day (last night it was chocolate ice cream). It keeps me sane, i.e. from getting too neurotic about food.

  • How much do you weigh Alix1962??

  • I do not know how many calories I consume, probably less than 2000. It is mostly raw, usually between 4-8 avocados a week. About a pound of sunflower seeds a week, on top of salads. Some brazil nuts. Lots of fruits and veggies. Greens from the garden. Teas from time to time, I need to start brewing it again ;). And, I take Cayenne as often as I can remember too. Good stuff.

  • About cooked foods, I have oatmeal about every other day or so, lately every day because I do not have much money for fruit and need to go shopping. I also exercise a lot. Love to RUN FAST. And use those muscles. I do not use them enough really. I weigh about 130 and I am 5’10” currently. 17 years old.

  • Another note:

    Lately I have been trying to fast more often. I think I will fast every sunday.

    Also, this is a great way to save money on food ;).... just do not eat.

  • Since I’m 5’10’, the calorie sites recommend anywhere between 1800 to 2500 calories, depending on the site. I’m pretty sure the calorie thing is wrong, although I’m not sure how. I used to be a lowcarb fanatic and lost a good deal of weight that way, eating quite a bit. And in the past three weeks or so I’ve lost 15 pounds eating 2000.

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