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Blossoming Lotus Resturant

Has any one gone to this restaurant? It is in Portland Oregon.

Would like to take my SAD daughter there, but don’t want her to have a bad experience.

Thanks for any information you can give.


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    Yup. I went with a whole SAD family. There is cooked food there so it is fine. it’s more of a cafe-type place and it has baked goods too. Everybody was happy.

  • Thanks bitt. What a sigh of relief. Did you try any raw desserts?

    I just read your intro. I too was a vegetarian and the last few years of it my energy went down.I have been raw for 3 years and even tho it has been slow my energy is returning. I also notice that i need more legumes, nuts and grains than is suggested. So keep eating raw you will get better and better.

    From the land of Cheese, Trees, and Oceans breeze.smile

  • The place is pretty darned good. I like it! It’s definitely the best option in Portland these days.

    Their cookbook is great, too!

  • I ate there for the first time a couple days ago. My raw friend and I split 3 things: Live Wrap, Live Pizza and Live Nachos. All were delicious, and that was way too much food for 2 people. One thing to note is that most things on their menu are high in fat – lots of nuts, seeds and avocados. Of the 3 things we had, the Live Wrap had the least fat.

    We had an amazing chocolate torte for dessert, but after we ate it I realized it wasn’t raw at all. Oops, my bad – I should have read the signs more carefully.

    I’m going back tomorrow with a SAD friend, and I’m sure she’ll like it.

  • I’m in love with their raw pad thai. So good. Service is spotty- can be perfection and can be well, bad. But I keep going back because I do love their raw food.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    it’s funny you ask what i had it was last christmas time and i forget. i just remember what everyone else had. so…it wasn’t that memorable but not bad either!

  • I got hooked on raw from this restaurant, so for someone starting out, it is wonderful. I would suggest the live taco salad or the nachos if you enjoy spice (my favorite dish). The parfaits are also delish if you go for breakfast or lunch, but watch out they are quickly consumed by hungry yogis (on to-go shelf).

    I would like to add a word in about a new place that is 100% raw in Portland you should all check out. It is a growing establishment in the John’s Landing neighborhood (SW) called the Yummy Tummy. It is all to-go at the moment, but will be more soon. The focus is placed on nutrition, with green smoothies made daily, superfood desserts, seaweed salads, creative entrees that change daily, and lots of great snack foods like kale chips and nori snacks. Please come check it out! http://www.bikrampdx.com 5816 SW Hood Avenue Portland, OR 97239 503-452-1132

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