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Sudden onset of alergies!

ambergirlambergirl Raw Newbie

Hi! This started about 2 years ago (it was sudden, just took place a while ago) But i am allergic to ALL stone fruits! (peaches, plums,cherries, nectarines, prunes, apricots etc), and sometimes I react to bananas – and always to fugi apples. the only 3 apples I can eat are red and golden delicious, and granny smiths. I guess what i mean by allergies is that my ears start ringing, and my throat iches like something misreable – same with the back of my sinuses. Does anyone know how I can get rid of this? I used to be able to eat these foods, no problem, but now it feels like i will die when i do!


  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie


    The current understanding of allergies is that they are caused by a buildup of toxins. The food or substance that triggers an attack is rarely the one really causing it, it’s rather the straw that broke the camel’s back. In other words, your body probably has some sort of toxic buildup leading up to this.

    That’s not to say that you should eat the foods causing discomfort, but rather to examine your whole diet. Are you eating SAD foods that may be taxing your liver and elimination? Are you using perfumes, lotions, detergents, that are highly toxic (most commercial products are).

    Please give us some more information.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    A few things…

    Your potassium-sodium balance: A friend went from vegetarian to vegan plus cut out sugar recently and developed allergies which she never had before. She read about potassium and sodium imbalance (or something of the sort) was causing allergies so she added salt her to diet… it worked. I also noticed she ate more bananas when she cut out sugar. They are rich in potassium.

    I also have had sinus problems years ago. All I did was talk sea salt followed by water (which is what my friend did too) and I also drank lots of water. It helped.

    There was a forum on here about eating the local raw honey.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    There are different models that “try” to explain what is going on… Here is yet another one. This was in response to someone who was asking about Lupus. One can substitute any “disease” or condition name for where this response mentions any other disease or condition…

    ... in a nutshell… A way to think (aka a model) about any “disease” is that the body is saying “I am not getting the resources I need to repair, maintain, and/or regulate myself.” Symptoms are messages of the body regarding these “dysfunctions.” The body is so amazing that when there is a limited amount of resources, it will prioritize how to use those limited resources according to what function/organ is most vital to the continuation of life. Resources for the body come in many forms and are interdependent. Resources can be nutrients, sleep, etc. Consider, what is named a disease, like lupus, is simply an arbitrary set of symptoms that someone grouped and made a shorthand for, it is not a thing onto itself… there is no such thing as lupus to the body. One model about how the body works (there are many models and as research “progresses”, models come and go, eg. leaches/blood letting were once thought of as a huge breakthough to “curing” disease. Today leaches have very limited use). Part of the puzzle (from current thought) of an autoimmune disease is that the cells do not communicate effectively. The body has a “master” list of cells it uses to distinguish “me” (eg. a heart cell) and “not me” (everything else eg. bacteria, virus, cancer, etc.). If a mechanism for cellular communication is disrupted, the body stops correctly identifying certain cells (there are different names for different cells being attacked like when cartilage cells are being attacked it is called “arthritis”. “Lupus” is another category of cells being attacked). Your friend’s body has incorrectly identified some needed cells as “not me” and is thus attacking (sending out white blood cells and other defenses to attack and kill a perceived threat) itself. The opposite also happens when a “not me” cell is incorrectly identified and thus the body stops responding to it as a threat and lets the “not me” cells reproduce (eg. cancer or virus). Cellular communication is a huge breakthough in understanding how the body works or does not work optimally. It makes it very easy to understand the “miracle” that happens when someone increases resources like eating nutrient dense foods, doing energy work, etc., that the body increases wellness. I hope this provides a door for further exploration of how the body works and that you are a more knowledgeable resource for supporting your friend.

    As greenie mentions, it could be a toxic build up… but then think why isn’t the body getting rid of the toxins? Does it not recognize them or is there another reason?

  • ambergirlambergirl Raw Newbie

    :/ well, i suppose I lfet one small detail out. About 2.5 years ago i overdosed on sleeping pills, twice. You guys are saying that I’m toxed up, and that this is most likely why i am having these reactions; do you think those pills had anything to do with it? If so, how come it’s taking my body so long to get rid of it? I’m not 100% raw, but i am vegetarian. I stay away from fried foods, deserts and junk etc.

  • I don’t know about the allergy question,just wanted to give you a ((((hug)))),and say I’m glad you are still here

  • Im so happy that you are here too :-) big hug to you.

    I had the same problem like that too some years ago. It was trigerd by pregnansy thoug. but all the same. After I cut my body low by having a baby I had a realy toxic job that really tiped the barrol.

    So what did I do ? well I couldent handle any suppliments and I was really low in several vitamines, minerals and fattyacids. I startet to get interested in raw food and heard about barleygrass. I had no problems with it (no allergic reaction). And after taking that for a while I added spirulina. Funny some kind of spirulina I cant have and other I have no problems, so it is just trying your way out. Both barleygrass and spirulina is great detoxers plus filed with valuble vitamines, minerals, aminoacids a.s.o. Wheatgrass and clorella is great too if you can have it. But Clorella can be a bit hard on the stomac if you have a weak lining. After a few years on this I could finaly start to have other things aswell. Oh I forgot to mentioned a few other ingredience: Flaxseed oil (anti-inflamatory (allergies is a kind og inflamation), good coldpressed oliveoil (anti-inflamatory aswell) and probiotics really important (a good quality one, with billions of live bacteria). Once I cut out dairy and gluten and a couple a month later I can eat even more of the foods I coulden eat before. ex. I had olives for the first time in years yesterday, and no reaction jubiiiii :-)

    Slippery elm and nettle is great for allergies aswell and gentle on a sensitive system. I know how some feels about supplimens but I have to say that a pure raw diet wasent a posibility at that time for me so what I could have of live foods I would eat (fruits, vegies and salads), but I have to say that barleygrass powder saved me back then. Without it I woulden have regained my health. I reacted to so many things back then so Barlegrass whas my powerfood, what made me survive and thrive ;-)

    I hope this could be used as a little inspiration, and to show that it is not all hopeless. Im not totaly there yet but a long way on the path, and a having constant improvements all the time :-))

    And to quote Doug Graham: Stop focusing on what you cant have, and start to enjoy what you can. That quote really ringes a truth for me, and I use it offen.

    All my best wishes for you :-))

    Ps.please forgive any spelling or gramatic erros, english is not my language :-)

  • ambergirlambergirl Raw Newbie

    well for english not being your first, i must say that you speak and write it very well! Thank you so much for your tips and advice!

  • ambergirl, If you are interested in cleaning out your system in a thorough manner you might consider doing the Master Cleanse… it’s a way to help reset your body and get rid of the toxic build up. Check out the book by Stanley Burroughs at: http://www.blackdoctor.org/TheMasterCleanse.pdf I did the Master Cleanse for ten days to help clean up some very painful arthritis. And it worked. Now I am raw and am loving life! Best of life to you!

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