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oven in place of dehydrator?

question! theres no way i can afford a dehydrator for a while….... but i DO have a convection oven that goes down to 100F….. since my oven has a fan, would that work in place of a dehydrator? (id still like to get one eventually… ovens use more energy)


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    It should work just fine. I would just check it with an oven thermometer to make sure it keeps the accurate temperature. If so, go for it!

  • by the nice photo it looks like you live in a sunny area – i warmly invite you to use the sun… it does wonders, even if you’re north and it’s summer. i use banana leaves instead of teflex sheets (a lot less washing!) and just place it on chairs and tables outside – i bring it in at night. start the cracker batch early so it gets the most amount of sun. on cloudy days i make them thinner like tortillas so they dry faster. and yes – if it’s raining and i want some grawnola – then i use the oven – i bought extra stainless trays – so i have 9 in total and my oven goes as low as 40 C – checked with thermometer. if you click here and scroll down some then you’ll see pictures of us making raw latkas in the oven. enjoy!

  • Ofek, would you post your recipe for latkas on this site, they look scrumptious.

  • thats a good idea, ill be sure to get a thermometer. ofek, i like the idea of using the sun… i would just be worried about leaving it when i go to work, i think the neighbourhood animals would start snacking. haha. for those sunny days when im just going to be hanging around the house though, ill give it a try for certain.

  • one day i will ‘spirit’..

    as for animals.. i find that most of them, even the flies don’t like them that much. but there was this one flavor of crackers that the neighborhood cats liked… so for this i suggest using 2 screens of the same size (window screens) and using one for the bottom and one for the top and put a rock on it. and if you want the ultimate travel dehydrator – i suggest buying one of these hanging mesh box like this one that you can get even in evil walmart for no money… it is a collapsible outdoor dehydrator! i added shelves in the middle so i get a whole bunch of drying space! this protects your food from insects and animals and you can simply hang it from a tree or in your porch where there is a nice breeze. there are some that are even the same 14 by 14 excalibur size and you can order just teflex sheets for making all the sticky stuff (or use banana leaves). peace.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Great idea ofek! I have been worried about animals too but really wanting to dehydrate outside, I live in a very dry climate afterall…I should utilize my resources!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    ofek please, we need the latka recipe!!!

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