Raw food in Denver

Denver has a very active raw food community with events happening on a weekly basis! At least once per event I hear that someone had a hard time finding out about the community, so I am working hard to promote it. If you are in the Denver Metro area (including Boulder) or just visiting, be sure to visit http://www.rawdenver.com and be connected with what is going on in the community—speakers, classes, potlucks, social events and more!


  • Hi, We are south, way south. But I am glad to know there is a Raw community in Denver. We visit Denver often.

  • wow i might just have to take a trip to Denver. i am in south central kansas. shouldn’t take me too long to get there. i will check out the community site right now thanks for the info.

  • Oh wow! I just moved up to the metro Denver area from New Orleans last year! Thanks for posting this =D

  • Has anyone gone to Karma and had their food….was it good? I checked out their raw menu online and it seemed like they had smoothies and that was about it.

  • I haven’t gone there, but I was checking out the site online too. I was wondering the same, whether they had more than salads and smoothies?

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