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Advice on Excalibur Dehydrator


I tried doing a forum search, but couldn’t really find what I was looking for, so I apologize if this is repetitious. I have been toying with raw foods for a while now and for the past few weeks have been high raw. I am tempted to purchase a dehydrator and it looks like Excalibur is the brand to go for.

I live in a super tiny apartment and am worried about the noise of the dehydrator as well as the size. I would love to spring for the 9 tray, but it seems quite large and some reviews on Amazon say it is excessively loud. It is also the most expensive. I was wondering if anyone uses the 4-tray and how the noise level is and if it is a quality machine? There doesn’t seem to be very many reviews about this model, everything I have read has been about the 9 tray, which sounds really awesome.

Thank you in advance!


  • I live in a small space, too. I tried the 9-tray Excalibur and had to get rid of it – it was way too noisy. The 4-tray model is fine for me. It is an excellent machine and is large enough for my needs.

    The 4-tray model doesn’t have an on/off switch. I solved that by plugging it into an inexpensive power strip that does have an on/off switch. Works just fine.

  • edited February 2016

    I have used both and don’t find them to be noisy at all. It has a soft hum only – not noisy in my opinion. I love love love the 9-tray.

    Either way, I’m sure you’ll be happy with anything from Excalibur. Their products and customer service are fantastic :)

    Cheers, Kristen Suzanne


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    i like the 9 tray. it make a hum sound… like a window fan, turned on medium setting. I can easily sleep when it’s running. i use 9 trays for big loads of fruit (to dry), drying buckwheat groats, drying spiced nuts, making pizza crusts, etc. It’s nice to do a big load at once, once a week. That’s why i love 9 trays.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Has anyone experienced stuff blowing around in the dehydrator, like when one is drying nut/veggie/fruit pulp (product of juicing)? ... just curious…

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    I have a four-tray and it is not too loud. It’s just like a small fan sound.

    If you want an on/off or timer, you could get the 5 tray.

    I don’t dehydrate too much so 4 trays has been fine for me. We honestly don’t have room for anything bigger, as it is I have to stack stuff on top of it. I have a very small kitchen.

  • Thank you for the feedback. Sounds like the four-tray is the way to go for me. I’ll probably need to stack stuff on top of it as well, bitt. My kitchen is nonexistent and this might have to go in the living room! Thanks again.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    Llecler, if you are not using the stove you might be able to rig some kind of board on it to use that space as well. And store stuff inside it.

  • I have two the 5 tray and a 9. the 5 tray bought last year is louder than the 9 and the 9’s door fits better.I took the door off the stove oven and put the 5 tray on top of the last shelf. That way I can pull it out to set the heat and timer. I also have a board over 2 top stove elements removing them of course.

    Remember the trays are smaller with the 4 tray.and later on you will kick your self if you get the 4.My opinion of course. smile

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Hi again. Beany. I haven’t used my stove in 8 months and really need the counter space. My apartment manager would have a cow if I took the eyes out. Instead I flipped the breaker to off. This way there’s no chance of accidentally turning an eye on and burning the place down. She conducts announced inspections several times a year, and commented about the stuff on top of the stove last time. It’s pretty easy to clear the stuff off the range and flip the switch back to on when I know she’s coming.

    I appreciate all the comments about the Excalibur. As a single I’ve really debated about which size to purchase. The 5 tray seems to be the most logical.

  • I just received my 4 tray in the mail. I am excited to use it, but was disappointed to find it had to no timer. Those who have/had a four-tray, do you find this a huge disadvantage? I got it for a pretty good price on eBay and don’t have the money for a better one right now, but I think I can make it work. (Tim Gunn style… LOL).

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