Hi there from Mexico

Hey everybody glad to be here. I am Aelf I live in the Mayan Riviera and am Loving the Raw Live Food Lifestyle. Spreading the word down here as well. Hey owners of this site, you may know this but, google does a prrettty good job of translating the recipes.. Cheers, Dr. Aelf www.mayanplanet.com http://espanol.mayanplanet.com http://mexicoraw.ning.com


  • Hi Aelf! Welcome and I want to say I can not wait to try your sticky rice! WHoo-hoo!


  • Hi Aelf!

    I am replying to your comment because I am planning an extended trip to mexico for six months and I'm wondering if you could give any advice on some good raw-friendly(ier) places to either visit or make my temporary home. I'm assuming the fruit and veggies will be abundant and easily accessible? Any info or resources would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    I'm planning the trip for November '09.

  • Hey AELF! I live in Mexico too!

    Hola! Yo soy de Chiapas y llevo 8 meses siendo 100% raw vegan que gusto saber que alguien mas en Mexico es raw vegan.

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