Doing a Juice Fast

Hi All! I will be starting a 5 Day Juice Fast tomorrow (July 30th). This is to quit smoking and transition to Raw!! Ive created a webpage to keep track everyday about my fast. You can come see at Look under 5 Day Juice Fast and there is where I’ll be posting daily.

Hope to get some visitors!


  • Hello! Great to have you here! I’ll definitely keep an eye on your fasting progress!


  • Hi Tamyln,

    I’ve also started a 5-day juice fast today. I’d love to keep in touch and help each other to stay motivated!


  • Hey rawyogini, Great to hear that! So far today I had the juice of 1 apple and 3 carrots. It was really sweet,like too sweet.I even diluted it half/half. Anyhow,Im not really hungry Im just CRAVING sweets like cinnamon buns. And I havent touched a cigarette so far today. When I get hungry I think im gonna make brocoli/cucumber juice.

  • 1 apple to 3 carrots is way to much apple. I do 1 apple for 6 carrots, it won’t be so sweet. You can also add 2 celery stalks to it also. Good luck with your juice fast.


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