What do you think about colonics? What have they done for you?

I’m considering getting a colonic? What do you think?


  • I really love them! I feel that they are great for the initial cleansing phase, while you are transitioning away from cooked food. I have also done them while fasting/cleansing and got rid of a lot of parasites that way. At some point, however, you will not need them and will want to focus on rebuilding the flora.

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    I’ve never had a colonics. But, I did have a different kind of cleanse at a mission in MA. And, I also agree with kauaui girl in that they are great for initial cleansing or transitioning to cooked foods. However, I learned at the mission that colonics do not go “high enough” into the colon (people, correct me if I’m wrong… I’d like to learn) so their cleanse was not invasive… but rather salt waters, teas, other herbs/supplements, that you drank to cleanse from beginning to end, so-to-speak. Plus hot-cold sauna and lots of water. They really could get the waste out! The cleanse also included a blood cleanse which they showed blood samples before and after (but, I don’t know much about live-blood/dry-blood samples).

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    If you search the forums section there is a rather large string on colonics.

  • I was actually a Colonic therapist for 7 yrs before becoming a nurse. the colonic absolutely can cleanse out the entire colon up to the cecum ( above the appendix ) but It may take a series to get that far, depending. I think they are great for cleanses and getting rid of old toxins while transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. The one thing I would add is, if you think you have an overgrowth of candida or other parasites I would definately do an herbal parasite cleanse first. My overgrowth of intestinal candida became systemic after my colonics. It took awhile to get rid of it ( or back into balance ). Also, if you think you may have leaky gut syndrome I would advise to heal that condition before colonics—all of toxins trying to be released will may seep into your system. I have alot more info if you would like but I hope this helps for now.

  • I decided not to do it, I do not think they are natural.

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