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Bowel Movements (uncensored)

I’ve been vegan for 8 years and switched to raw three days ago. Since then my movements have been liquidy. A typical day consist of:
- blueberry, raspberry and banana smoothie
- raisins, hazelnuts and brazilian nuts
- big salad with olives, sunflower seeds and raspberry viniagrette
- tomato soup with zucchini
- avocado with lime
- spinach and peach smoothie

Since an avocado has soluble fiber, I’ve been eating one a day to prevent blockage but nothing seems to jump out as something preventing it from solidifying.

Am I over thinking this?
What were your movements like after going raw?


  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    SweetT~ The “liquidy poops” could be from many thing from food poisoning to a serious issue to a detox/cleansing response. Without seeing you, asking questions, and testing, no one here is qualified to give you a definitive answer. Have said that… You may simply be detoxing/cleansing… very “normal”. For further info on detoxing/cleansing, goto Detoxing/Cleansing/Correcting Response. Make sure you drink at least 64 ounces of water a day, especially during the “loose bm’s” time(s), so you avoid being dehydrated and support your body’s need for water to “move” things through.

    IMPORTANT: If you get to a point where you are very concerned about this or anything else regarding your well-being, please go to a health professional to seek further clarification of whatever you are concerned about.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    raspberries and blueberries get me going, so do raisins. so, don’t overdo it. but you are probably just cleansing out some stuff that needs to come out.

  • Maby you are still lacking the amount of enzymes you need to digest the raw foods ? it will come automatic, your body will start to produce more of them when you change your diet. Papaya and pineapple has a lot of good enzymes.

    I agree with Bitt raisins and berries can get the tummy going. So can to many nuts, so go easy on thouse. Or work up gradualy. It can be to much fat too.

    Eat more bananas they will make it more firm. Mono eating might help too or blend the salat in the smoothy.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    When I first started raw(I was a cooked vegetarian before), I had horrible runs that lasted for over six months! I dont’ know what caused it, since it seemed to go on much longer than a typical “detox”(I hate that word) period. It could have been because my digestive system was so utterly ruined and it just took that many months to heal itself and balance it’s natural essential bacteria and gastro intestinal fluids out. But also, I had just weaned myself off of several medications, haha, I guess I left that part out.

    Maybe you can temporarily take something to help your digestive system re establish, like some acidophilus, or a dose of water kefir after meals?

    The thing to be concerned about is that if you are having constant runs for extended periods of time, your body is not absorbing the vitamins and minerals it needs. That can cause malnutrition.

    My own feelings are that a large part of so called “detox” is an over abundance of digestive fluids which are needed for cooked meals. It does take a while for your body to learn to put out a more appropriate amount for digestion, and meanwhile, those fluids can wreak havoc.(sorry my words are wandering; I’ve been up for two days, urrggg!)

  • Blue, thank you!

    I’m not concerned yet as I still go once a day and the change in diet is new. I’ll definitely read up so I know what’s “normal.”

    Thanks to everyone else! Just to clarify I don’t have diarrhea. I still go once a day but its liquidy. Today I’m going ease up on the nuts and raisins and eat more bananas to see if I can add some bulk.

  • From what I have found, if you start having more nutrients, you will start to detoxify. This has been true with my brothers and sisters, especially my younger sister. She eats junk and does not drink enough water and is often constipated. Whenever she has a glass of carrot juice, she gets diarrhea.

    I believe this is because her body was not able to detoxify but once it ahd a little bit more energy, it had a chance. Its the same way with fasting.

    Break a fast and you will have diarrhea.


    go to www.herbdoc.com and buy Dr. Schulze’s 5 day Bowel Detox formula. You will feel MUCH MUCH better. I make no money for saying that. He has great products, and has helped out MANY with raw food and herbs.

  • For those that do not know…. Diarrhea is basically detox.

    When you take something toxic, say I take poison, of some kind, a drug maybe…

    I should feel nauseas and have diarrhea. What happens is, with regular bowel movements, water is removed from your fecal matter. This is why our stools generally are solid and not runny. But, if you have lots of toxins in you and your body is aware of it, it is kind of like, “lets get rid of this stuff NOW!”

    With that said, it does not remove the water from your fecal matter, it keeps it in and RUSHES it all out of your body ASAP. It does this because it does not want to hold on to toxins.

    Also, since you are already having bowel movements but they are runny, you do not need the full bowel detox. You will need to buy the intestinal formula #2 and ask to get free instructions too. He also has a free health CD.

  • QTLaylaQTLayla Raw Newbie

    Hi all,

    Shgadwa, I went to the site you listed just to see what was in the formula… and no ingredients listed… can you tell us what is in this??



  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Before I was raw I could literally not “go” without many laxatives. It took about two weeks for me to start going easily and for a while it was pretty liquidy. Of course I was overjoyed since that was what I was looking for but I still go at least once a day and it’s a bit more solid now but definitely nothing like it was before. I take it as a good sign that my body is getting through my food at a reasonable pace.

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