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"gently pasteurized"????

I was reading the label on a bottle of naked juice, and it said it was “gently” pasteurized. Does that mean they dont completely pasteurize it or what?


  • i think it means they swaddle the juice in a little baby blanket and sing it songs while they’re heating it.


  • nycgrrl~ Thanks, I needed a good laugh!!!

  • nycgrrl – HA HA! that was so cute! :)

    I never noticed what the Naked Juice bottle said – I never liked that juice. I know the Odwella juice says “Flash Pasteurized” – supposedly it is pasteurized very quickly – the juice is exposed to heat at 165 degrees for 15 to 30 seconds.

    apparently, “gentle pasteurization” (I think it is also called Ultra- Lightly Pasteuriztion too) is supposed to be when they still heat the juice for long enough to remove the harmful bacteria but they claim that the enzymes are still intact. Still doesn’t sound raw – it is probably very similar to Flash Pasteurization. You would have to find out what are the temps they use and how long it is heated. I think to remove the harmful bacterias you need to heat at a “non-raw” high temp so I don’t think it is raw juice.

  • Thank you nycgrrl. That made me laugh out loud. I googled gentle pasteurization found this: Pasteurization There are two types of pasteurization: gentle and UHT. Gentle (aka flash) pasteurization is the process that happens to only super premium juices & smoothies. It does not affect the product: all nutritional properties remain the same and (if done well) it’s impossible to taste the difference. Fresh juice is pasteurized to knock out naturally occurring micro-organisms that can spoil the fresh juice. UHT pasteurization is the same process that produces milk. This does affect the product – long life milk doesn’t taste that great relative to fresh milk and a UHT pasteurized fruit juice just doesn’t have the same nutritional quality as other juice. It is used to remove anything from the juice (good or bad) that would cause the juice to naturally break down, so it can sit on a shelf for months or years. All of our juices and smoothies are “flash pasteurized” in order to safely achieve our balance of a great tasting product with optimal nutrition. Arthur’s Fresh smoothies and juices are heated up quickly and then rapidly dropped to a cold temperature. Our unique and highly specialized process takes less than 60 seconds from start to finish, which results in virtually no impacts to flavour or nutritional value, so when we say minimally processed we mean it. This processing allows us to destroy the naturally occurring micro-organisms like yeast and mold that are naturally present on fruits and vegetables. Arthur’s Fresh may not have as long of a shelf life as other juices in the stores, but we surpass them in taste, quality and nutritional value due to our highly specialized and gentle processing and our use of only highly nutritious and minimally processed ingredients. This information came from http://www.arthursjuice.com/en_faq.asp#

    Hope this helps!

  • basically means pasteurized, I dunno. Not too much heat I guess, or not very long in the heat. Its still cooked.

  • wow thanks everyone!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    pasteurized is pasteurized, i think the “gentle” is BS.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    “Gently pasteurized” sounds like “a little bit pregnant.”

  • This: “i think it means they swaddle the juice in a little baby blanket and sing it songs while they’re heating it.”

    and this: ““Gently pasteurized” sounds like “a little bit pregnant.””...

    Made me laugh very, very hard. LOL.

  • glad i could give you all a little laugh :)

  • Gently sounds more like warming. It being swaddled in a blanket, while it is coming to a rolling boil…..does not sound gently gentle.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    You guys gave me a very good laugh thanks :)

    I drink Naked Juice Watermelon Chill flavor and it feels good on the body so maybe there are still some enzymes? Still cooked I guess though. Thanks artistmaj.

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    aaaaha…nyccgrrl, good one, very good.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Here’s a link…gentle pasteurization preserves enzymes.


    I’m glad I can continue to drink them.

  • I don’t know…I checked out the site and it didn’t really explain anything.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Their writing is raising red flags as far as I’m concerned. I think there is a certain amount of nonsense on that page.

    By the way, didn’t these guys get popped a few years back for mixing dirty infected juice(infected with salmonella)from Mexico with other juices? Their ethics are more than a bit shakey. I’d stay away from them and just squeeze my own.

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I think the description of “gently pasteurized” carries no weight in this context because it is a statement made by a corporation trying to peddle their wares. I would be surprised to discover the term had a regulated meaning and even that doesn’t mean anything. “Pasteurized” in the US almond trade means fumigated with PPO, which is a highly carcinogenic form of rocket/racing fuel declared illegal in most of Europe, Canada and Mexico.

    Unfortunately, corporations will generally do or say anything to make a buck. I always think back to when Beech-Nut was busted for selling colored, sugar water as baby apple juice. What a bunch of slimes.

  • Corporations would do anything to sell more, and they know human beings are controlled by words, just remember when the tobacco industry introduced the “light” cigarettes. Just as harmful!

  • They’re trying to appeal to both the natural raw foodists who prefer unpastuerized, and those who believe its “sanitary” to pastuerize. There’s no in-between.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    well odwalla sucks for so many other reasons i won’t buy from them.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Not Odwalla, Naked Juice. I can tell there are enzymes in that juice. We drank five bottles yesterday because they taste so good and because they are cleansing.

    Since there is a natural amount of mold in watermelon that my mother can’t tolerate, we can’t really eat raw watermelon because of the high mold content, even in organic melons. That’s why we prefer the pasteurized watermelon juice, because the mold is killed. My mother is very sensitive to anything containing bacteria or mold (long story), and also is very sensitive to anything without flavor or anything that seems tiring or not enzymatic. She really took to this juice and it has much more flavor than really pasteurized juices. Feel free to stop drinking it if you want to, but I gave you the link, and the answer is at the TOP of the page. Don’t look at all the other nonsense.

    I really don’t know yet whether that’s true, like you said, and I hope all that stuff didn’t sound too controlling. It’s another world to explore.

  • I buy 100% juices from asda and now I know it must be flash pasteurised, I will still buy it as it is cheaper with the two of us than fresh fruit.

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