Mayan Cosmic Raw Food Classes in L.A.

Mayan Planet International Presents: From The Mayan Riviera Dr. Aelf in America

Sundays: August 17th September 7th Fundamentals of Timing & Raw Food Learn about the body’s virtual structures, the hologram, virtual electrics, biological transmutation, string physics and how it relates to the Raw Food Lifestyle. RSVP

Sundays: August 31st September 21st Quantic Raw Food Nutrition, In the Kitchen Specific Foods and their timing according to bio-rhythmic Clocks, Quantic Spin States, recipes according to the planes and spaces of frequency. RSVP

Sundays: October 5th & 12th Ancient Cosmic Cultural Concepts and Raw Food Timing Learn about the body’s connection to ancient cosmic cycles, centers of power, Kitchen Magic, Alchemical Rituals for empowering your Raw Food, Aether and hydroplasmic cubes. Crystals and Gem Therapy in Foods. RSVP

September 12th-14th Raw Spirit Festival @ Sedona AZ Watch for us and our presentations

Cost Per Course: $10.00

Available for Naturopathic & Quantic Nutritional Consultations in L.A. Dr. Aelf HMD NMD MSOM aghartaraw @

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