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Just thinking, Kandance and Ray have spent a lot of time on this gone raw website….. if there was a paypal donation link, I think that will help make it worth their time.


  • We discussed this topic a few weeks ago. Here’s the thread:

    Kandace, Ray, do we have enough interest for a T-shirt? I would certainly wear one with pride.

  • Oooo, I love the idea of a t-shirt. And I’d love to submit a design too. ‘Bout time I used my graphic design skills for good, and not evil (i.e. to sell real estate and corporate crap).

  • Any one else care to weigh in here?

  • i’m always up for a t-shirt! i’m willing to donate too :-) we could have a national goneraw t-shirt day where everyone wears their t-shirts all day! then maybe we could randomly meet some more raw foodies!

  • I love the idea and would definitely be willing to donate. This site is amazing as are Kandace and Ray.

    I have another suggestion as well. Kandace and Ray, can you look into This is a search engine that pays. When people use it, a small amount of money is donated to the organization of your choice. When enough people use it, it adds up.

  • Karuna,

    I would suggest making another thread for this….to bring up Kandace and Ray’s attention.

    Otherwise, your idea might nto be read by them.

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