Adventures in Mobile Sprouting

My typical week:

Thursday morning- bus 2 hours from home into the city- head straight for brother’s house

Saturday afternoon- leave brother’s house, bus to boyfriend’s house

Monday afternoon- bus back home

Not exactly ideal for any type of gardening, but I’m having tons of fun sprouting, so this week as soon as I got into town I hit the HFS to grab lots of seeds to experiment with. I set up my “mobile sprout center” in my brothers garage- rinsed all sprouts well, started sunflower seeds, buckwheat, alfalfa, wheat berries, mustard seed, flax, quinoa, lentils and a bit of popcorn (just to see) soaking. Throughout the day I transferred the seeds for sprouting. Having actual jars would make life far too easy, so I spread the seeds onto newspaper on baking sheets.

Of course, being wonderfully quick/easy, the quinoa was ready to go into tupperware when I left my brother’s this morning. The rest though, had to be transferred into plastic bags in preparation for the bus trip over to BF’s house, where they all were once again rinsed and placed onto newspaper lined baking sheets- and then the wonderful challenge of finding a clean place to keep them in a house inhabited by five guys…

My point- if I can sprout, anyone can. I’ve been transitioning to raw for about a month now and love sprouts as part of the diet. Hopefully I’ll be able to establish a small sprout jar collection in each of my 3 “homes” as well as claim a space of my own for them to grow, but for now I’m making whatever use of whatever is available.

Any experienced sprouters out there, if you can think of any tips to make sprouting-on-the-go easier, I’d love to hear!!!


  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Either purchase sprouting bags or make them from unbleached muslin. Rinse the bag, seeds / sprouts and all and hang them where they can drain. To transport them from place to place, use plastic bags.

    I do a lot of traveling to visit family, and haven’t taken my sprouts with me yet. I have thought about it, and will probably be doing so in the near future. They already think I’m a little crazy, so it’s about time to give them more fuel for the fire. Actually they do tease me a bit and tempt me some, but are really pretty understanding. They’ve seen the changes, and are fairly supportive. I’m not sure what their reaction will be when my sprouts travel with me.

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