I've gone raw!

Today is my first day raw. I woke up, strangely, at 6.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I went and made a nice fruit salad with pineapple, apple, pear, orange, strawberries for both me and my girlfriend. Yum!

I’ve just finished making the “Groovy Guacamole” recipe listed here on Gone Raw, it turned out great – quite spicy! I’m going to have that in a couple of hours for lunch in some lettuce/spinach wraps hopefully.

I’ve bought Storm and Jinjee’s “The Garden Diet” ebook last night, which I think should help, there’s some interesting transition and “proper” recipes in there. However, I’m unsure how quick to go raw… my initial idea was to just try it for this week. If it goes well, I’ll extend it for another week.

Can anyone offer me some beginner’s tips or advice, especially regarding speed of change and detoxing. My BMI is in the so-called “healthy” range, most people would describe me as thin/slim. My aim is to actually gain what I gather is real weight, rather than it just storing around my stomach area.

I’m going to work out every day of this week in addition to eating raw. But I’m a little bit stuck as to how much water I should drink and when, before or after food. Oh, at the moment I’m still in the breakfast-lunch-dinner mode, I only really want to eat when I’m hungry but I find that I’m rarely ever hungry!


  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Congra†s! From my experience, I would recommend 10 days of raw. Then see how it goes. Make sure you drink plenty of water. This also helps with get rid of the toxins.

    WATER Drink water (or other liquid) 30 minutes before a meal and one hour after a meal. Up to 4 ounces with a meal. HOW MUCH Per day, drink half your weight in ounces.

    Rarely hungry? You’re like my husband in that he rarely finds he is hungry. Maybe 2 meals a day would work best.

    Speed of change/detox is different for everyone… Does anyone know if you can detox too quickly on a raw food diet? Probably if you are very sick. I have put five people on a 10-day raw diet… some get detox symptoms more than others… this could be slowed down by eating steamed food or cooked food. But it was only for 10 days, so they did the whole 10 days of raw. How long the detox symptoms last? Well, at Paul Nison’s lecture, I asked that question… and he said you’re always detoxing (even he is). He didn’t elaborate on that, though.

    I recommend this book (haven’t found one similar or better): 12 Steps to Raw Foods

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