chills, sweats

so i’ve been doing the raw thing a few weeks now. Mind you, I have had a 2 month long kidney infection (see the urologist on the 18th) but i have been feeling so much better this past week it is amazing! One thing i did notice, is that my glands are a bit sore and swollen, and been getting these goosebumps out of nowhere on my arms, thighs, nape of neck, (it’s 83 in my house) followed by a very light all over sweat, more of a misting feeling really. I don’t feel feverish or very ill, it’s just noticeable is all. Is this a normal process in detoxifying? I figure, it’s either that or a ghost in the house (that explains the goosebumps!) just kidding on the last part.


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    you are probably detoxing, it might be more extreme since you have an infection. maybe you can see a natural doctor to help you through this. you might want to take some herbs or supplements to help you through this.

  • I was on 3 rounds of antibiotics that didn’t do anything… haven’t taken antibiotics since very young. So now I am taking lots of probiotics, cranberry, garlic, burdock,tons of water, but nothing is helping. The sweat/chill cycles have gone away a bit now.

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