my rejuvelac came out successful!

I used 2 c soft wheat berries and soaked, spouted then seeped them in cooled (pre-boiled to purify it) tap water with 2 goji berry herbal tea bags for flavor…I fermented it for a day and a half…poured it off and squeezed fresh lemon into the glass….I like it…if you like kombucha you’d most likely enjoy rejuvelac. I used the rest in a green smoothie this morning, which wasn’t a great idea, it tasted okay but blending rejuvelac is a bit silly….because it is slightly carbonated and gets really frothy. The 2nd batch (from the same spouted grains) is seepng now, this time I added 2 lemon ginger herbal tea bags for flavor. Supposedly the 2nd batch won’t be as strong as the first. I did not let mine ferment for too long, as the weather is warm now and I was afraid of letting it go too long and spoiling. Erring on the side of caution gave me terrific results.

I am glad it all worked out. After I drank the 1st glass, I had LOADS of energy. I definitely felt the positive effects.

Will be making more of this and experimenting with different flavor combos and also attempting fermented seed cheese from a few recipes I’ve gathered from the net and some library books.


  • cynthia beavers has a ‘living margarita’ recipe made with rejuvelac on the web! check it out! congratulations on your success!! – a lot of people don’t find the goodness you did and you know, nobody likes stinky sock rejuvelac….

  • heathermarsbombheathermarsbomb Raw Newbie

    bump for those who asked about it

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